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Facebook Marketplace Mobile App – Before starting up on this article, we will love to let you know that the Facebook Marketplace is a feature available on the Facebook app or Facebook website platform and the Facebook Marketplace Mobile app is available as a standalone app.

Facebook Marketplace Mobile App

NOTE: Likewise the Facebook Marketplace feature isn’t currently available to everybody for use.

To start with we recommend you try visiting the Facebook Marketplace following this link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/ on your mobile or desktop web browser while logged into your Facebook account to know if this Feature is available to you.

If the Facebook Market place link doesn’t allow you access, this means Facebook Marketplace isn’t available to you right now as a result of the following

  • If you joined Facebook recently
  • If Facebook Marketplace hasn’t been launched in your country, or
  • If your Facebook account doesn’t meet the Facebook Marketplace eligibility requirements.

Peradventure the Facebook Marketplace link works for you, but says your Facebook Marketplace access was removed see below for what might have been the cause

Why Facebook Marketplace Access Was Removed.

It’s possible your Facebook Marketplace access is removed because you might have gone against Facebook’s “Commerce Policies or Community Standards” policy.

If you think you were wrongly judged and followed the Facebook Marketplace policies, you can take a step to contact the Facebook team so they can take another look taking the step below:

  • Visit Facebook.com on your mobile or desktop web browser, and clickor tapthe Facebook Marketplace   icon at the left column.
  • Tap or Click “Request Review” and proceed by filling the form.
  • By so doing your appeal request will be reviewed and responded to within a week. You can continue to check for updates in your Support Inbox or email associated with your Facebook account.

Note: If possible your Facebook Marketplace access is restored, you may need to refresh Facebook.com in your mobile or desktop web browser or download the latest version of the Facebook app.

How To Access Facebook Market Place Mobile App Feature On Your Facebook Account

Peradventure the Facebook Marketplace link works for you, but you don’t see the Facebook Marketplace icon shortcut in the Facebook app, try visiting Facebook Marketplace from your Facebook account menu:

  • Open your Facebook app.
  • Tap or click on the menu  icon to access the menu options.
  • Click or Tap the Facebook Marketplace icon. If you don’t see the Facebook Marketplace icon, tap the “See More” option to access it.


If you have access to the use of the Facebook Marketplace features on your Facebook account, it is simply easy to navigate and use on your mobile phones using your individual Mobile Facebook app (either Facebook android app or Facebook iOS app).

Do so by simply, tapping on the Facebook Marketplace icon at the bottom of your Facebook account Home page to start navigating through the Marketplace.

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