Facebook Marketplace Cars – Buy and Sell Cars on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace Cars – Facebook Marketplace is an easy, convenient way to buy and sell just about anything, including cars, without ever leaving Facebook. More than just a replacement for sites like Craigslist, Facebook is quickly turning Marketplace into the world’s largest online e-commerce site. Your dealership needs to be ready.

In fact, Facebook recently revealed a series of partnerships with automotive companies like Kelley Blue Book, Cars.com, Edmunds, and others that are quickly turning Facebook Marketplace into the biggest car buying site, used by 550 million people each month—and quickly growing.

It’s free to manually upload used vehicles to Marketplace and start selling! Dealerships can also partner with companies to help them automatically upload their inventory in Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Cars

Once posted, vehicles and dealerships on Marketplace are displayed to shoppers based on their location. By default, Marketplace shows listings and dealerships within 40 miles of a person’s location. Shoppers can sort through car listings using typical filters like price, model, and mileage.

A big bonus of Marketplace—after a shopper views a vehicle, it will be advertised to them again in their News Feed, as well as newly added similar vehicles. This is a great and cost-effective way to keep your vehicles and dealership fresh in a customer’s mind during that critical consideration phase.

Interested buyers can quickly and easily contact dealerships directly from the vehicle listing with Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger conversations are a little different from your typical chat interaction (in a good way). Unlike traditional website chat interactions, conversations in Facebook Messenger don’t disappear.

This opens the opportunity for future follow-ups to help nurture the sale. Additionally, shoppers are notified of new messages on both Facebook and Messenger apps which helps increase read and response rates.

If your dealership is not selling cars on Facebook Marketplace, then know that your competitors likely are! Schedule a demo using the form below to get a head start.

Benefits of Facebook Marketplace Cars

  • Users can purchase or sell cars right at home
  • Car sellers get the privilege to showcase their products
  • Users enjoy the search filters feature to find cars with its model, type, and so on
  • Buyers and sellers get to communicate through a chart concerning a product, thereby reaching an agreement.
  • People who want to buy a car can access varieties of cars and then select the one they want without interference.

How To Sell Cars On Facebook Marketplace

  • Ensure you have a Facebook account
  • Open the Facebook app on your phone or search for www.facebook.com on your PC
  • Tap on the “Marketplace” represented with a shop icon, for Android. For iOS device Click on the three lines on the right corner, then tap on “Marketplace” For PC select the “Marketplace” tab at the left side of the screen
  • Click on the “Sell” button
  • For Android, select the product category, enter the title, price, and the car description, and hit the “Next” button to add photos
  • iOS device, set up your location category, add title, price and describe the car, then include the car photo
  • For the computer, firstly, include the title, price and the car description, and its location and category, then add image
  • When you are done with the information required, hit the “post” button

Buying Cars on Facebook Marketplace

With your smartphone or computer device, you can make a purchase the car of your choice while at home. Just ensure you have a Facebook account on your phone with your Internet connection You are good to go. The directives below give detail on how to buy a car in the marketplace

  • Launch the Facebook app installed on your phone.  For computer device, simply browse for www.facebook.com
  • For Android phones, tap on the “store” icon.  For iOS devices Move to the right side of the screen and click on the “three horizontal lines” and select the Marketplace tab. For a computer device Press on the “Marketplace” widget on the left corner.
  • On the marketplace page, tap on the “buy” option
  • Select the category of products you want to purchase
  • Follow the directives to select your desired car and then contact the seller
  • It is left for you and the seller to negotiate

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