Facebook Games Messenger – How to Play Games in Facebook Messenger – 2020 Messenger Games

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Facebook Games Messenger – Facebook messenger has lots of games one can play remotely. To play the Games, you must ensure that you and the people you want to play with have the latest version of the Facebook Messenger App.

You can update it on either Google Play or App store, depending on the phone you’re using, if you don’t have the updated version.

Facebook Games Messenger

To play Facebook Games on Messenger, you need to do some little set up, which are:

  1. Launch your messenger App and go to the chat of the chat you want to play with
  1. Click the Game controller Icon
  1. Tap “more” button in the toolbar.
  1. Click the controller icon

5. Send your friend a request to start playing.

Facebook Messenger Games

Some Games one can play on messenger are:

• Sudoku

• Words with Friends

• Pac-man

• Snake

• 8-ball pool

• Solitaire

• Space Invaders

• Cooking Mama

• EverWing

• Blackjack

• Ludo Club

• Casino Bowling

• Sea Captain

• Lighting Slots

• 4 pics 1 word

Facebook Hidden Messenger Game

There are also hidden games, those games can be unlocked by sending a particular message.


• When you send a football emoji to unlock a keepy-uppy mini-game. Now all you’ve got to do is tap on the ball to keep it off the ground.


• When you send a basketball emoji and tap it, it unlocks the basketball game. Click on that sent Basketball and it will launch the hidden game. You and your friend can play within the chat window, with both players’ high scores logged in the message feed.


• To unlock and launch the chess type “@fbchess play” into a chat window and it will launch automatically. You control the Chess by pointing and clicking to move your pieces, you’re going to have to remember some shortcuts and square locations. Every time you want to make a move, you’ll need to type “@fbchess” followed by the piece abbreviation and the code for the square you want the piece to fill – confused?

OK, so here, K stands for King, Q for a queen, B for bishop, N for a knight (are we all really that dense?), R for rook, and P for pawn. So, moving your king to square C5 needs you to enter “@fbchess Kc5”.

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