Facebook Friends Near Me – How to Find Nearby Friends on Facebook – Track your Nearby Friends on FB

Facebook Friends Near Me – Ever wondered if there are any means you can see friends near your location on FB? If you haven’t, dear I have wondered a lot.

Well, Facebook has added an amazing feature to its mobile apps and sites that allow you to see people who live near your location even if you are not friends with them. Want to know what the feature is called? – guess, lol.

The feature that lets you see FB friends near you is called nearby friends ‘feature. If you read this article till the end you will gather a whole of information about the FB nearby friends feature. I know you don’t want to miss out, so grab a drink and stay cool.

Facebook Friends Near Me

Facebook – See Friends Near Me

The only possible way to see friends near your location on Facebook is to move most of the FB nearby friends feature. Simply go to your FB account and opt into the nearby friends feature.

FB has rolled out the nearby friends service which lets you see approximately how far you are from your friends. You can share locations with friends in a real-world sense instead of always sticking to your mobile phone and chatting all day with friends.

Facebook Nearby Friends

Nearby friends is a FB feature that will inform you about a friends location when they are near you on FB.

If you don’t have the FB nearby friends feature enabled, Facebook may try to fore you into opting in by displaying newsfeed stories that says “about five of your Facebook friends are nearby you, turn on the nearby friends to see them and how close they are right now”.

Quickly See Friends Near You

FB nearby friends is a location-based feature that finds and displays the location of friends who are close by in case you want to meet up with them for a drink.

To see friends near your location on FB, you’ll need to share your location with your friends and have them do the same. Then simply;

  • Locate the nearby friends feature in the dropdown list.
  • Click enable.

When you enable this feature. Any of your friends that has it enabled too will be able to see you, if the both of you share same location.

What You Don’t Know

FB see friends near me is different from any other competitors because it is centered on broadcasting proximity and not just location. Facebook users should be aware that the nearby friends feature is only available on iOS and Android device and comes with potential security.

You can use the FB nearby friends feature to keep track of your Facebook friends location in real time.

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