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Facebook Download PC – Now, you can carry out Facebook download PC and install same on your device. You can download Facebook on your Windows PC and Mac iOS. So, if you have been trying to install Facebook on your PC, you can engage this article, to learn how to install it in two ways. It is as simple as you want it to be and can be done without stress.

Facebook for Windows is a social media app that enables you to use a native PC app instead of logging in via a browser. From the app, you can get desktop notifications for events, even when it’s minimized, share thoughts, customize your news feed, edit privacy, as well as manage groups. Desktop Facebook, is convenient for anyone who loves being active on this platform.

You are now more connected than ever before with the Facebook app download for your PC. Now it’s very easy to keep up with the ever-growing online community. You can stay in touch or reconnect with friends and family on any device.

This app will use your PC’s location, webcam, microphone, picture, as well as video connection. Immediately you install Facebook, the software will operate by accessing your internet connection and generating dynamic code.

If you are thinking of downloading Facebook on PC, it is a quick process and quite easy. The file is about 164 MB in size and once you have the program on your PC, you’ll just love the usability.

Facebook Download PC

The interface is quite a familiar one and easy to navigate, with a sleek and clean design. Even though there are not so many features, the software offers a seamless browsing and effortless user experience.

  • After you key in your Facebook login information, you’ll notice a tabbed menu on the left side of the screen. This includes items like News Feed, Groups, and Friends.
  • Once someone sends you a message, invites you to an event, likes, or comments on your posts, you’ll get a desktop notification.
  • Change your Facebook status, by answering the questions “What’s on your mind”?
  • Post it
  • Choose who can see your update, by tapping on the “friends” dropdown menu, and specifying your audience.
  • From the group features, you can see the groups that you are involved in or are admin for.
  • You can also customize the way your News Feed appears, by scrolling to your News Feed Preferences. You can change these settings, based on the friends you want to see.
  • At the top time line, when the images pop up, click on the profiles that you want to hear more from.
  • The app will recommend video and news clips for you. You can then interact via adding comments, or reacting to posts and media by liking, loving, laughing, crying or be it expressing anger via the emoji tab.

How To Download Facebook PC

The mobile version of the social networking service is available from the major app stores, with one notable exception. Earlier this year, Facebook for Windows left Microsoft Store, because according to Facebook, that Windows users should access the service through a browser.

Whether you are using Android or iOS, there’s a version of Facebook for your phone or tablet. For desktops and laptops, you’ll have to use your favorite web browser to sign in to the service. The same user name and password for your desktop experience also works on the mobile app.

Thus, if you have a Windows device, then you should go to a web browser if you don’t already have Facebook installed. As earlier stated, Facebook removed its app from the Windows Store.

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