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Facebook Dating Profile Review – Haven’t heard about the Facebook dating profile review keyword before? Wow, then you are so lucky to come across this page. In this article, we will be discussing Facebook dating, Facebook dating professional review, and some FAQ questions that need to be answered.

Facebook Dating Profile Review

After creating a Facebook dating profile, you must verify your city location. It is easing done using your phone’s location services. Facebook took necessary precautions to separate the main Facebook profile from the Facebook dating profile.

Facebook Dating Profile Review

Your dating profile and activities cannot be seen by your friends and users who are not dating on the dating service app. It will neither show up on your Facebook newsfeed for privacy reasons.

In case you don’t have an account with Facebook you can open one by visiting https://web.facebook.com

Facebook Dating – What Is It About?

Just like every other dating apps, the Facebook dating app allows users seeking for a true relationship to find true love and potential dates. The dating in Facebook free service is one of the most amazing features Facebook has released recently.

Without the Facebook app, you cannot make use of the Facebook dating service. This is so because Facebook dating is not yet a standalone app, but a feature that is built in the Facebook app. So, you must have the Facebook app before you can start dating on Facebook for free.

Facebook Dating Launch (Facebook Dating Profile Review)

Facebook dating was first launched in Colombia in 2018. After testing the dating platform, they found out that it was successful. The dating platform was later expanded to more countries across Asia, South America, and North America.

In September 2019, dating was finally available to Facebook users in the U.S. Facebook has planned to bring the dating service to Facebook users in Europe by 2020 and maybe in Africa too.

Facebook dating FAQ

How can I create an account on Facebook dating platform?

  • You can simply click the dating heart icon displayed in the menu Icon at the top of your dating profile tab. From there you can verify your city’s location and manually input your personal info.

Does Facebook and Facebook dating share the same messenger inbox?

  • No, they do not. Facebook dating has a separate profile and messenger inbox from the main Facebook inbox.

Is Facebook dating available on a browser?

  • No, the Facebook dating service is only available on the main app on Android and iOS devices. Might be rolled out to the PC browser soon but we don’t know yet.

Can I link my Instagram posts on my Facebook dating profile?

  • Yes, you can Facebook made a provision for that. Facebook dating integrated Instagram on its dating platform.

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