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Facebook cheap shop is all about selling on Facebook. It’s a treasure for business entrepreneurs who want to venture into making money through selling products online. What’s great about this is that it is a platform embedded in Facebook, meaning that you get to reach out to the already available millions of Facebook users. If you have been seeking out a platform for where you can start your e-commerce business, you can sign up to sell on Facebook on the Facebook cheap shop.

Facebook Cheap Shop

There are so many e-commerce platforms and websites out there already that are really up to standard and promising for entrepreneurs. But none can match the amount of audience that can be reached by Facebook. That’s why the Facebook cheap shop is considered a good alternative to the other e-commerce platforms. The shop itself isn’t as prominent yet to the other top e-commerce platforms, due to its recency, but it has every tendency to outperform its competitors in the long run due to Facebook’s potential. In this post, we will find out how to sell products on the Facebook cheap shop and increase your conversions from your Facebook store by using Facebook ads.

How To Setup A Facebook Shop

Setting up a Facebook store is quick and easy. All you need to do is follow the steps I have outlined below on how to open a Facebook shop. Prerequisites are a Facebook book account and a Facebook business page.

Step 1. It is assumed that you already have a Facebook account. The other prerequisite is to open a Facebook business page. It is absolutely free. Visit Facebook.com/business, then log in and click on create a page at the top right corner on the screen. You will be asked to choose the kind of business page you want, you can make a decisive selection or just go for any if you’re unsure.

Step 2. Now go back to your business page and click on add shop selection. You can access your business page by logging in directly at Facebook.com instead of the former approach stated in step 1.

Step 3. After clicking on add shop selection as outlined in step 2, click through to accept the terms and conditions, and add your business details which include your address, phone number, email address, and other vital information required.

Step 4. That’s all there is to do, your shop will be successfully created after providing your business information and clicking through to confirm. What matters next is to add products to your shop, which is super easy to do. All you need do is to click on add product link, located in your shop section page.

After clicking on the add product link, you will be prompted to provide the images of your products and other relevant information. That’s all there is to do to set up a Facebook store.

Facebook Ads

Making significant sales is what might be of concern to you next. That’s what the Facebook ad is for. You basically set up a Facebook ad to reach out to a large audience, creating awareness about your product and attracting potential customers. There is a monthly user base of 1.5 billion people on Facebook. This gives you an idea of how successful your business can be on Facebook alone. Of course, it’s all about the network, and the larger the network you reach, the larger your conversions from your Facebook store.

Go to facebook.com/ads to begin the process of setting up an advertisement for your products. You will choose your objectives for the advertisement. This is where you get to choose your budget, the age range target for your ad, the type of ad you want; if it’s pay per click or pay per view and so on. When you’re done choosing your objectives, you will pay for the ad and will be billed by the payment method you choose. After completing the advert set up, an advert manager section will be open for you to monitor and control your ads further.

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