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Facebook Avatar Setup – Avatar on Facebook Messenger – Facebook introduces avatars which is a great competition to Snapchat popular bitmoji selfie stickers. Avatars are not quite as cute or hip to modern slang as Snapchat bitmoji, but believe me Facebook avatars can make Facebook feel more fun, youthful, and communicative.

The Facebook Avatar is seen as a natural progression of self expression on Facebook.  From religious clothing like hijabs to a rainbow of skin colors and hairstyles, Facebook did not want any demographic left out.

Facebook avatars communication manager, jimmy Raimo stated in an interview – there’s been ton of work put in to this avatars from the product to the design perspective with how many persons on Facebook, how to make the Avatar as representatives as possible.

Facebook Avatar Setup - Avatar on Facebook Messenger - Facebook Avatar Maker

Are Facebook Avatars Setup Monetizable?

Facebook won’t be monetizing it’s Avatar feature now because it just a new feature that is still on testing process. There are no sponsored clothing yet from fashion brands or accessories for making a Facebook Avatar but it is likely that Facebook might have that in mind.

Facebook avatars communication manager also stated – having a sponsored option from fashion brands would help personalize the avatars for sure and viewing it from a business perspective would be a smart idea.

There’s a Need for Facebook Avatar Setup

There’s a need for humans to expressively represent themselves on the internet because the world is gradually turning it’s communication level from text based to image based communication.

We know there are still Facebook users who do not want to take part precisely and Facebook Avatar because of some reasons. Whether for privacy, creativity, or convenience, there’s a wide range of needs for having a parallel virtual likeness.

The Facebook Avatar could help in protecting our real face from needless exposure to the bad sides of the internet.

Facebook Avatar set up – Create Your Own Avatar on Facebook

You can setup your own series of avatars that expressed your unique life style and personality using an Avatar-creation websites.

Yes, we all know that avatars are pictures -more like a selfie picture of you- that represents your likeness, although it’s not really a full picture of yourself. Facebook allows you to setup about five pictures as Avatar for your profile page and your main profile image.

How to Setup Your own Facebook Avatar – Facebook Avatar Setup

  • Open your device web browser.
  • Navigate to an Avatar creation website.
  • Select create Avatar.
  • Choose an image of your choice.
  • Select a face shape, skin tone, and body type.
  • Fill out the hairstyle, eyes, nose, and mouth shape.
  • Click on the resulting image.
  • Click save as.
  • Press enter.

The Avatar creation website includes; www.tektek.org, www.doppelme.com, and www.faceyourmanga.com.  The Avatar will be saved to your device and can be uploaded to your Facebook.