Facebook Avatar 2020 Creator App | Facebook App Download – Update – Setup Your Facebook Avatar Emoji

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If you say you’ve never heard of Facebook avatar 2020, I wouldn’t blame you, because it’s quite a new feature that was rolled out just last week, yes you heard right, just last week to help Facebook ease the boredom of the lock-down.

The avatar feature is a measure by Facebook aimed at giving its users the emoji it needs to better express themselves while communicating on Facebook. The avatars, are cartoon-like characters that users can customize to look just like them using the provided tools to design your avatar just the way you want it.

Facebook Avatar 2020 Creator App  |  Facebook App Download  -  Update

Facebook Avatar 2020 Creator App

The Facebook avatar 2020 creator app happens to be the Facebook official app, which you can use in creating your unique avatar. This means if you already have a Facebook mobile app that you use to access your page, then it’s like killing two birds with one stone. From  the same Facebook mobile app you can access your Facebook avatar feature without leaving your Facebook page. Isn’t that interesting?.

Creating an avatar is free, but you need to have a functioning Facebook account and an updated version of the Facebook mobile app. If you do not have a Facebook mobile app, or the version you have is outdated, here let me show you how to download the app.

Facebook App Download

It’s actually very easy to download the Facebook app. Once you follow the steps I will be outlining, you should easily download and install the app on your phone in no time.

  • Make sure you have your internet connection up and running.
  • Then turn on your device and open any app store installed on your device.
  • Click on the search bar, and look for ‘Facebook’
  • From the search results, click on the Facebook official app and thereafter on the “Install” option or “Get” button.
  • In case you are using an iOS device, you might be asked to key in your Touch ID. If this is the case, go through with the onscreen prompts, until the app starts downloading.

Once you have successfully downloaded the app and have it installed on your device, it is now time to know where to access the avatar feature on the app. I am here to show you where!

 Accessing Facebook Avatar 2020

You can access the Facebook, avatar feature on your Facebook page by updating your Facebook mobile app or Messenger to the latest version. If your Facebook mobile or Messenger is updated to the current version you may not be able to see your avatar feature. Once you update your Messenger and Facebook mobile, you should be able to see the avatar feature on your phone.

Creating Facebook Avatar 2020

Everyone is creating their own avatar, you too can, let’s show you how:

  • Sign into your Facebook account or through the Facebook Messenger or using the Facebook mobile app.
  • On your Facebook homepage,  click on the menu option that has the three strike lines
  • Scroll right down after accessing the menu option till you find the Avatar caption.
  • To start creating your own avatar, tap on the Avatar caption.
  • Then choose a face shape that matches with your facial features.
  • Pick your desired hairstyle (long, medium or short) and eye colors. Decide on the type of eye brow you want be it medium, long or short.
  • Then, scroll to the nose tools, mouth and ears and create them the way it suits you.
  • Customize the lips and choose a clothing for yourself if you wish.
  • There your avatar creation is almost complete, all that remains for you to do, is tap on the ‘Done’ option to have the process fully completed.

Congratulations, you are just amongst the very first few who have successfully created their own avatar.