Facebook 2021 Avatar for Easter: Create Your Own Facebook Easter Avatar

Facebook 2021 Avatar for Easter – Another year another Easter celebration with our loved ones. Closing in to the month of Easter makes us wonder what we can do to make the season better. Facebook is here to help you with that, and this time they came with something very special called Avatar.

Facebook Avatar for Easter

Facebook introduced us to it’s to its cartoon feature for about a year and I can testify it has been lovely using this feature. Avatars are cartoon-based characters specially designed for expressing emotions and showing people what we feel at that point in time. I call them multipurpose features because they can be used in every aspect of Facebook.

Facebook 2021 Avatar for Easter

For Easter this year, we have the opportunity to celebrate with Facebook or don’t you think people seeing an avatar on your cover photo with cute customs will tell how prepared you are for the season. It’s all Facebook making, if you have an account with the social networking giant then you entitled to this feature.

Easter Avatar App

If you find it hard to locate these avatars and tried downloading the app but didn’t get any success either I can show you how easy it is to find. The avatar app is also the Facebook app don’t let mix it up. Facebook embedded this feature into the app. To locate it, click on the horizontal lines on your home page. You’ll be redirected to where Facebook features are located. Next, scroll down and click on SEE MORE. Then select Avatar.

How to Create Your Avatar for Easter

There is no special skill required to create this avatar. All you have to do is follow these simple steps below:

  • After you’ve located this feature, tap next to get started.
  • You’ll be giving different human features to choose from.
  • You can start by selecting the hairstyle you want.
  • Next, the skin color you admire.
  • Then you can head to the body parts.
  • Now you can select the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, body shape, and face shape.
  • You’re free to choose the outfit you want.
  • If you’re satisfied with the outcome, click on Done.

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