Etisalat (9mobile) Free Facebook Browsing: 20 Top Etisalat Free Facebook Mode Access

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Etisalat (9mobile) Free Facebook Browsing – As we try to help our customers stay connected to their family and love once, Etisalat has introduced the Etisalat free Facebook browsing package. It will also help you to have access to some basic internet services free of charge.

I believe the majority of us like free things, and this will be of good benefit to you as you can do a lot of things on the internet for free. If you are interested in knowing more about this Etisalat free Facebook browsing package stay tuned to this article.

Etisalat (9mobile) Free Facebook Browsing

Airtime was the first telecom service in Nigeria to partner with Facebook to offer their customer free Facebook browsing. It is also good news for all Etisalat users, they can now enjoy this free Facebook browsing than ever before.

This feature that will help you enjoy this free Facebook browsing is known as Facebook Flex. It also allows customers to switch between free and data mode, it may have some restrictions, you can also chat, post, comment, and other nice activities. In the steps below you will be learning the use of the free basic to browse Facebook and other available websites.

 How To Use Etisalat Free Facebook

  • Ensure your Etisalat sim card is well placed on your mobile phone. Not like I expect you to try this without your sim correctly placed on your sim but it’s just a reminder.
  • Make sure your data connection is on. It may be free but your data connection has to be on to be able to use it.
  • Open any of your browsers and visit You can also access it by launching your Facebook app as you normally will. With or without data it will open. Alternatively, you can also visit Facebook directly, remember to turn on your mobile data, open Facebook app you will be prompted to choose between browsing free with Facebook free basics or browsing with your active mobile data plan.

What You Can’t Do On Etisalat Free Facebook

  • You can’t watch videos as well as view pictures.
  • On Etisalat free basic, you can’t access any website not listed on the free basic website.

Web Sites Available for Free Browsing on Etisalat With Facebook Free Basics

  • Jobberman
  • OLX
  • U-Report
  • Vconnect
  • Wikihow
  • Wikipedia
  • Mathematics by
  • Messenger
  • Nigeria Galleria
  • Facts for life
  • Free Books by worldreader
  • Globalsoccer forum
  • I am Purple
  • Facebook free data
  • AccuWeather
  • Ask A Doctor by Kangpe
  • Babycenter
  • BBC News

How To Browse Free On Etisalat Free Basic

  • Just like in the section of how to browse Facebook free, you have to start by ensuring your Sim card is well placed on your phone.
  • Next, you put on your data connection.
  • Open your browser and type
  • You need to accept the terms and condition and click on Continue
  • A list displaying the sites which you can browse for free will be shown. Click on any of them and start browsing.

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