Electric Car charger installation: Don’t Spend A Fortune Installing Charging For Your New Electric Car | How to Install an EV Charging Station

Electric car charger installation – After getting your electric car you might want to install home charging for it where you usually park your electric car, either in the garage, or drive way. In this electric car charger installation article, I will be discussing the following sub-topics, electric car charger installation cost, free electric car charger installation, Ev charger installation requirement, how to install car charging point, electric car charging stations, installing electric car vehicle charging station at home, electric car charging at home cost. Keep reading to find out more.

Electric car charger installation cost

If you are considering an electric vehicle you certainly will want to know how an electric cat charger installation cost. With so many things associated with EV out there, it depends.

Electric Car charger installation

If you are okay with a much slower level charging it will cost you little lot nothing, all you need is to simply plug the charging cord into a socket at the garage or where your EV is packed and charge your EV battery that way.

If you are not okay with the charging that way you can easily co for the level 2 charging station which is much more expensive. They range from $300 and can easily exceed $700 for a sophisticated, hard-wired wall-mounted unit and you will need to hire a well-trained electrician for this, on your home and the load of the electrical panel.

Installing a level 3 charging station at home will cost $50k, or more.

Free electric car charger installation

 The only way to get a free electric car charger installation is to simply use your EV cord and charge at home which is much slower.

EV charger installation requirement

EV charger installation requirements. To ensure proper installation it is important to:

  • Engage proper and a licensed electrical worker
  • The license electrical worker must check the EVSE is issued with a letter of No objection
  • Certify the fitness of the EV charging installation before handing over to you

As the owner of the electrical installation, you are responsible for ensuring a time-to-time inspection and maintenance of the EV charging system.

How to install Car charging point

Installing a level 1 electric car vehicle charger does not require any special installation just plug your level one charger into a standard 120-volt wall outlet proceed to charge.

Level 2 requires running 240 volts from your breaker panel to your charging location. A double pole circuit breaker needs to be attached to two 120-volt buses.

Level 3 charging stations are mostly used in commercials and industrial settings, as they are usually super expensive.

Most level 3 chargers will offer compatible vehicles with 80% charge in 30 minutes, this makes them better suited for roadside charging stations.

Electric car charging stations

To access any electric car charging station near you, simply access your map and search for an electric car charging station.

Installing electric vehicle charging station at home

Just as a have mentioned before, installing a level 1 electric car vehicle charger, does not require any special installation just plug your level one charger into a standard 120-volt wall outlet proceed to charge.

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