Easter 2021: How Easter’s Date Is Scheduled

Easter 2021 – Easter is a Christian observance celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This celebration is around the corner and people are asking for the exact date of the Christian Observance. Later in this post, we will be telling you the exact date for 2021 Easter.

Easter observance is usually for two days; a Sunday (Easter Sunday) and the Monday after it (Easter Monday). In some parts of the world, on this Christian Observance, a Public holiday is given on the day.

When is Easter Sunday 2021?

Easter Sunday 2021 will be observed and celebrated on the 4th of April 2021.

Easter 2021

When is Easter Monday 2021?

Easter Monday has always been the Monday immediately after Easter Sunday. Therefore, Easter Monday will be observed and celebrated the following day after Easter Sunday which is on the 5th of April 2021.

All Holidays in Nigeria in 2021

Here, we are going to be listing out all the holidays and observances in Nigeria and their exact dates in 2021. Below is a table containing the list of all the holidays in Nigeria, their respective days and dates and other information you might find helpful.

Date             Day            Name of Holiday/Observance Type
01 January 2021 Friday       New Year’s Day   Public Holiday
14 February 2021 Sunday         Valentine’s Day      Observance
17 February 2021 Wednesday  Ash Wednesday  Christian Observance
08 March 2021                Monday  Women’s Day     Observance
14 March 2021                Sunday  Mothering Sunday    Observance
20 March 2021                Saturday March Equinox      Season
02 April 2021                Friday       Good Friday      Public Holiday
03 April 2021                Saturday Holy Saturday  Christian Observance
04 April 2021                Sunday Easter Sunday   Christian Observance
05 April 2021               Monday Easter Monday        Public Holiday
01 May 2021               Saturday  Workers’ Day          Public Holiday
13 May 2021               Thursday  Id el Fitr          Public Holiday
14 May 2021                   Friday     Id el Fitr holiday        Public Holiday
27 May 2021                  Thursday    Children’s Day          Observance
12 June 2021                   Saturday     Democracy Day          Public Holiday
20 June 2021                    Sunday        Father’s Day             Observance
21 June 2021                     Monday        June Solstice             Season
20 July 2021                     Tuesday        Id el Kabir        Public Holiday
21 July 2021                     Wednesday  Id el Kabir additional holiday   Public Holiday
10 August 2021                      Tuesday        Al-Hijra         Local holiday
22 September 2021         Wednesday       September Equinox season
01 October 2021           Friday          National Day         Public Holiday
19 October 2021           Tuesday           Id el Maulud          Public Holiday
21 December 2021            Tuesday     December Solstice         Season
22 December 2021              Wednesday Sambisa Memorial Day          Local holiday
24 December 2021               Friday   Christmas Eve  Christian Observance
25 December 2021               Saturday   Christmas Day      Public Holiday
26 December 2021               Sunday          Boxing Day         Public Holiday
31 December 2021                Friday        New Year’s Eve             Observance

Why Does Easter Sunday Date Change Every Year?

Easter Sundays and other related church holidays and feasts like Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, and others are tagged as Moveable Feasts. This is because they don’t have any fixed date on the Georgian Calendar, rather, they follow a Lunisolar Calendar which is similar to the Jewish one.

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