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Donald Trump Impeached For Incitement Of Insurrection – The US house of representatives has impeached President Donald Trump for inciting insurrection at last week’s capitol riot.

Donald Trump will be the first US president in US history to be impeached twice, He will be charged with crimes by congress. Donald Trump Impeached For Incitement Of Insurrection is not good news for a world president

The Republican Donald Trump will now face a trial in the senate-house, then if found guilty he could bar from holding any political office in American again.

Donald Trump Impeached For Incitement Of Insurrection

The impeachment measures passed largely along party lines.

Mr. Trump is supposed to be due to leave the office on the 20th January, following his defeat last election to Democrat Joe Biden.

After many hours of impassioned debate on Wednesday, the Democratic controlled House voted.

Fellow Republicans voted to Impeach Trump

It was said that six republicans have planned beforehand they would side with Democrats to impeach the president. But the majority of conservatives remained loyal to Mr. Trump

As it stands now it is like Mr. Trump will have to evacuate the White House before his term in office expires in one week as the senate was not expected to convene in time.

Last week, it was revealed that over 139 Republicans voted against accepting the result of the 2020 election, and Mr. Trump Defeat, this report was gotten from BBC report.

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