Dog Life Mod Apk | How to Download DogLife BitLife Dogs 1.3 MOD Apk Free

Dog Life Mod Apk – What would you do if you do become a dog and attract kind owners? DogLife: Bitlife Dog is a fun role-playing simulation game where you live like a dog. DogLife just as the name implies will be an excellent game for people who love animals, incredibly adorable puppies.

In the gameplay, players get transformed into their colorful dogs of choice. The behaviors of these dogs include; naughty, intelligent, or destructive.

Dog Life Mod Apk

Dog Life Mod Apk: Gameplay

Before playing the game you are expected to choose your habitat as well as your owners. The player can decide to be a loyal dog to a loving owner or choose to be homeless and wandering the alleys.

Choose A Puppy

Just as all pet lovers own and love some of their intelligent pets with lovely looks, you can also choose your desired puppy in the gameplay.  If you have ever wondered if one day you could experience the life of a dog, that is entirely possible when you choose your desired puppy in DogLife. Here you will be free to do things you love, the things that you had seen or wanted to do when you imagined a dog life.

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There are actually dozens of dogs you can choose from, and these species include; Labrador retriever, French mastiff, German shepherd, and much more. You have the ability to choose your favorite species and turn them into them. You can be the most remarkable animal with the actions you show.

Hard or Happy Life?

Starting the gameplay, you wake up in a pet shop and your job is to wait for your owner to come and pick you up. Can you live in a happy family with children who love and cherish you? or you can choose to be abandoned and have a hard life on the street.

Make Choices

Here you are able to live your life like a dog and make choices, you will be presented with different scenarios regularly, and you will be making various choices. Depending on your choices you could make a closer relationship with your owner or ruin your relationship with them.


In this game, the choices you make the mission you accomplish will help you earn rewards. There doesn’t do anything order than give you a sense of satisfaction that you have played and completed some tasks. The rewards you can achieve here include; the mature mammal, complete a life, birthday company, Quarter-centenarian, Still learning new tricks, family ties, Fertile Furball, and many more.

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Dog Life Mod Apk: Game Benefits

  • Form a “pack” with your fellow dog caretakers
  • Log activities, such as giving food, going on a walk, and giving medication
  • Add comments to activities to provide extra information
  • Get notified when activities are logged for your pet with alerts.
  • Create reminders and alerts so you never forget to take care of your pet.
  • Use the Statistics page to get insights about your dog’s life
  • Share photos and messages to fellow caretakers with just a few taps.

Dog Life Mod Apk Info

  • Unlimited money: In the game Dog life modified apk you will be provided with unlimited money.
  • Top Dog acquired.
  • You can use time machine for free.

Dog Life Mod APK: How to install DogLife

 Step 1: Download the version DogLife: BitLife Dogs (APK or MOD) at

Step 2: make sure you have allowed files from unknown sources enabled in your settings then tap on the file and select “install”. Please wait for the installation to finish in less than 1 minute.

Step 3: Installation is complete? you just need to open the game and enjoy it.

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