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Delete Facebook Page Post – Perhaps you’ve posted something on your Facebook page and you realize that it wasn’t what you should let everyone on your Facebook page or contact list know about, you can simply delete that post from your Facebook page instantly.

Facebook is finally giving its users ideas to learn how to delete a Facebook page post, I’ll advise you to stay tuned and keep reading this article till the end of it.

Facebook remains the most popular and frequently used social media platform that allows its users to communicate with one another, even with family and friends without any stress.

Delete Facebook Page Post

The famous social media platform is consistent across all devices, and because we’re talking about how to make this deletion possible, it is good to let you know that the simple methods of Facebook page post deletion are the same both on Facebook web and Facebook mobile app.

Deleting a Facebook page post

Managing a Facebook page can be challenging times, you have to keep track of your page audience engagement, and make sure your posts are relevant enough to your audience. Aside from all this, there will always be a time you’d want to delete a Facebook post or a bunch of posts from your Facebook page.

Facebook has made deleting a Facebook page post easier and faster for its users all over the world.

Steps to delete a Facebook page post

You can remove a post shared from your Facebook page by deleting the post. This will permanently remove the post from your page, The steps include;

  • Tap the three lined menu icon at the top right if the Facebook homepage.
  • Click pages from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Scroll through and select your page.
  • Go to the post that you want to delete on your page timeline.
  • Tap the three dots in the right corner of the post page.
  • Then tap the delete button.

When this is done, it will be removed from your Facebook page and the pages activity log. If you don’t want to delete a page post, you can simply hide the post so that no one can view it.

Hide a Facebook page post

To give a Facebook page post, simply;

  • Visit your Facebook page.
  • Go-to the post you want to hide on your page timeline.
  • Click the three dots at the top.
  • Select hide from timeline.

When you hide a Facebook page post, it will be removed from your page but still remains on your Facebook page and activity log.

Note; you can either delete or hide a Facebook page post only if you’re a Facebook page admin.

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