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Dailypost. Ng – Daily Post is a Nigeria newspaper published by daily post media limited, daily post newspaper is based in Lagos, Nigeria. It reports on local and national news, politics, metro, business, entertainment, sports, and opinions.

Dailypost. Ng

Daily post newspaper aims to be a leading light in the media industry by ensuring timely and unique content. They use their platforms to check societal oppression, injustice, and other bad activities through objective reports, analysis, and investigation. Daily post push for political stability, and to also enlighten the public on trendy topics.

According to Alexa Ranking, the daily post news post newspaper is the top newspaper in Nigeria. They are awarded for the best security reports, especially in the case of the Boko Haram insurgency. In other to always produce authentic news they engage in a series of fact-checking before going to the press.

DailyPost.ng major focus

  • Provide simple reports
  • Clear presnetations
  • Educative, entertaining and informative news for the general public

Dailypost.ng targeted audience

  • Politicians
  • Sports lovers
  • The government
  • Civil society
  • Advocates
  • Upward mobile Nigerian
  • Policy markers

Dailypos.ng categories:

  • Business
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Metro
  • Headline news

You can also access the daily newspaper on your smartphone, all you have to do is download the daily post newspaper app on your android device.

Here is how to download the daily post newspaper on your device.

  • Access google play store on hour device
  • Tap on the search bar and enter daily post newspaper
  • Proceed to download and install the app on your mobile device

You can now get the latest Nigeria news and features on the daily post newspaper app.

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