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Creative Small Business Ideas – In today’s world, creativity is what the business world is thriving on, and with creativity, entrepreneurs can carve out a creative small business idea. As an entrepreneur, you need some level of creativity, to build a business plan, solve unique problems, and actually build a business that would stand out amongst the rest.

Creative Small Business Ideas

Since your creative mind is looking ideas that can turn your passion into a source of income, we have decided to compile a collection of small business opportunities for creative entrepreneurs like you to launch yourself and your business to the next level.

Teach Art

There’s always a demand for quality art instruction, which makes it one of the best art business ideas. You can take advantage of the vast market out there, and focus on specific techniques, or create tutorials that are focused around different tools and materials. You can also offer one-on-one in-person sessions for customers in your neighborhood to complement your online offer.

Teach Music

More and more people who are musically inclined and those who do not have so much of a good ear in music are becoming more interested in music. As a result of these, those who do not know so much about music are looking for ways to learn the art of music, and those who are already musically inclined are looking for ways the can fine-tune their musical art further.

Teaching music online is very flexible and enables the students to learn at their own pace, repeat the lessons they didn’t really understand, explore more deeply where their interests lies and take advantage of digital resources.

From teaching music online, an entrepreneur can build up a whole range of digital products for sale.

All you have to do, is create quality contents to build up your student base.

Sell Enamel Pins

As a creative entrepreneur you can sell enamel pins. Over the past few years, enamel pins have become such big business with megabrands hopping on the trend, and fashionistas have gotten in on the trend and are now sporting countless enamel pins on their lapels.

Posters and Prints

Selling posters and prints of your work, is another way of making your work accessible to fans. Just create a plan, think of a delivery method and factor in the cost in your prices to make your sale easy.

Sell Upcycled Furniture

You can turn the most boring, paint-peeling chair in the thrift store into a prized possession and sell them online to customers who do not mind using them. All you have to do is get accurate shipping quotes, as shipping furniture can be quite expensive and calculate it into your cost and sell.

Sell Jewelry

You can become a creative entrepreneur by selling ecommerce jewelry. This market is one of the fastest-growing, most profitable niches out there. You can sell unique vintage finds, craft your own products, create hybrid pieces from existing jewelry as well as your vision.

In this line, with the right combination of product and price point, you can come up with a solid profit.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Becoming an affiliate marketer means you would be partnering with a brand to promote their products as an individual. It is a great business avenue you can use to rack up extra bucks. Start out with a niche where your audience would consider purchasing related products and find brands with similar values and imagery that would love to see their products organically promoted.


If you are skilled in the art of woodworking art and you have some carpentry tools around the house, and you can easily blend with a handy man lifestyle then you will be finding a good business venture in carpentry. You can fix up furniture, create beautiful new pieces and build up your clientele from there.


If you have a passion for gardening, then you can make a living out of gardening. Most people who have and want beautiful gardens do not actually know or have the time to tend one. Now this is where your services would be needed.

You can consider offering a range of packages starter sessions to get the customer’s garden in shape for the coming season, or upkeep sessions throughout the summer.

There, you can now put your creative mind to use with these small business ideas.

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