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Contact Facebook Messenger – Been facing a lot of issues while using my Facebook messenger app lately and I don’t even know how to contact Facebook Messenger to resolve the issues. If you’re one of the Facebook users who wish to know how to contact Facebook Messenger, then you’re welcome to this page.

Make sure you read this article till end to get the details you need about contacting Facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger App

Indeed, messaging apps are the perfect ways to engage with customers, customer care flows naturally out of those one-on-one conversations. Messaging could eventually replace social networking as the favorite online pastime.

Contact Facebook Messenger

In 2015, the number of registered messaging app users was 25% larger than that of social media. About 2.5 billion people registered to use at least one messaging app and technology. Facebook messenger is at the fore the front.

In April 2017, the mobile messenger app had about a 1.2billikn monthly active users globally. Facebook Messenger is a fast and efficient tool that makes it a great tool for business merchants, freelancers, for just any Facebook messenger user.

Contact Facebook Messenger – Call Facebook Messenger

Don’t bother trying to call the Facebook messenger. If you dial any of the Facebook phone numbers you get from social media online search, you’ll only get a recording.

This recording will take you through a series of the menu, each option of which will ultimately direct you to send an email to an appropriate account. These include– [email protected] for media inquiries and [email protected] for law enforcement concerns. If you hit 1 for customer service the recording will direct you to click the word help saying that it is found at the bottom of any Facebook page.

There are other means of contacting Facebook messenger and one of the. Is via the report a problem page. This page on Facebook will help you report any problem you’re facing within the Facebook messenger app.

Report A Problem with The Facebook Messenger App

If something is not working right in your Facebook messenger app, try updating the app. If it’s still not working after updating it, here’s how you can report it to the Facebook messenger;

  • From your Facebook messenger app, visit the chat tab.
  • And tap your profile picture in the top left corner of the page.
  • Scroll the bottom of the page and tap report technical problem.
  • Type the problem in the text box provided.
  • Tap sends.

Reporting issues when they happen to Facebook messenger helps make the Facebook messenger app a better app for everyone. When you provide details and screenshots of the problem, it helps Facebook messenger to find the problem and resolve it instantly.

Have it at the back of your mind that this report a problem process is mainly for reporting broken features encountered while using the Facebook messenger app.

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