Top Christmas Songs For Children | 14 Best Christmas Songs for Kids

Christmas Songs For Children – Are you looking for some inspirational carols to get your kids in the spirits? Or some traditional Carols? You don’t have to worry this article got you covered with most of the best Christmas carols for kids out there:

Christmas Songs For Children

14 Best Christmas Songs for Kids

  1. Away in a Manger: This is late 19th century carol which is popular with almost every one, you probably know it your self. The melody was originally composed in 1837 by Jonathan E. Spilman and adapted in 1895 by william J Kirkpatrick, has become a nativity play staple.
  2. Ding Dong! Merrily on High: With celebratory bell ringing and cheery chorus of ‘Glorias’, It is actually impossible to dislike this wonderfully festive carol. The tune first appeared as a secular dance tune, in a book on dance written by Jehan Tabourot.
  3. Silent Night: Silent Night has a stunning melody, simple but moving. It is the perfect choice for children’s choir. Silent night was originally written in German, ‘Stille Nacht’ was composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber with lyrics by Joseph Mohr.
  4. Mary’s Boy Child: Being Written as a Christmas Song in 1956 by Jester Hairston, a leading figure in African American Spirituals and choral music. Boney M coined it as a pop gospel track, but now it is more often performed as a carol.
  5. The Twelve Days Of Christmas: Another nativity staple, this is the perfect performance piece for a children’s choir – especially if someone is willing to sacrifice their dignity and dress up as a partridge in a pear tree.
  6. Good King Wenceslas: This heart-warming carol is based on the life of Wenceslas, Duke of Bohemia, who became a martyr after being killed by his wicked brother, Boleslaw the Bad. Dark history aside, this carol has a simple melody and a relatively limited range, making it an obvious choice for kids.
  7. The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy: A West Indian carol that originated in Trinidad, this song became popular when Harry Belafonte recorded it in 1958. It’s wonderfully jolly with a catchy syncopated beat, making it a great choice for children.
  8. Deck The Halls: What could be more joyous than singing endless runs of ‘fa la la la la’? The melody to ‘Deck the Halls’ is Welsh and dates back to the 16th century. It originally belongs to a winter carol, ‘Nos Galan’.
  9. While The Shepherds Watched: Dating back to 1700, ‘While Shepherds Watched’ describes the moment in Luke, chapter two, when the angels tell a group of shepherds about the birth of Jesus. Just keep an eye on the lyrics… otherwise you might end up singing a song about shepherds washing their socks.
  10. Carol Of the Bells: The recent popularity of ‘Carol of the Bells’ is probably down to that beautiful arrangement by John Williams, which he composed for the family Christmas staple Home Alone (1990).
  11. We wish You a Merry Christmas: This is by far, one of the most popular Christ mas song. Unless you choose the insane choral arrangement that forces the soprano section to get friendly with their top Bs, this popular English carol is the perfect choice of Christmas music for a kids’ choir.
  12.  Up on the Housetop: “Up On The Housetop” is an upbeat song that really gets kids worked up for Santa. With the mention of toys, reindeer, and all a Santa visit has to offer, these Christmas song lyrics will really get your kids in the holiday spirit. It’s a relatively simple song with repetitive lyrics so the catchy song is easy for them to remember.
  13.  Jolly Old Saint Nicholas: A calmer song with kid-friendly lyrics is the classic “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.” It tends to get less airplay then some of the other Christmas songs so you don’t have to worry about this one getting played out before the holiday actually arrives.
  14. Santa Claus is Coming to Town: “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” is a favorite that’s perfect for exciting the little ones about Christmas movies as well. There’s a classic Christmas movie of the same name that you can enjoy as a family. The lyrics to this song are pretty much exactly what kids want to hear all holiday season.

These are the to best Christmas Songs For Children… Make your children’s Christmas a memorable one.

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