Christmas Decorations – Snowflakes, Wreath, Lights, Snowballs, Candy canes, Trees, and a Star

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Christmas Decorations- Decorating a house in anticipation of Christmas is almost as fun as opening presents on Christmas morning. Whether you’re having guests over for a holiday party or you want to make your house feel cozy and festive for your family, this article explains how to show your Christmas spirit by including traditional decorations, making the outside of your house sparkle, and adding sweet touches throughout the house.

Christmas Decorations

Decorating for Christmas is not confined to indoors alone. As Christmas approaches, you see Christmas lights, inflatables and other decorations, go up outdoors. Adding decorations to the outside of the home gives people the opportunity to use their creativity and imagination.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

This can be done by fixing or hanging decorations in the front yard or around the external part of the house. It could be done by:

1. Decorating the door with a Christmas wreath

 Most people display them. A wreath symbolizes eternity or eternal life. Buy or make a wreath made with fresh holly or sweet-smelling evergreen to hang on your front door.[8] A wreath will make your house look welcoming to guests, and indicate to passers-by that your home has the spirit of Christmas.

2. Make paper snowflakes

Kids love to cut intricate snowflake patterns out of paper. Make them look even more festive by painting them with a layer of clear glue, then adding glitter. When they dry, tape them to the walls and windows using clear double-sided tape.

3. Put up outdoor lights

If you have small trees or bushes in your yard, consider getting a few strands of outdoor lights to put up. You can buy lights that have shape like nets, which makes it easy to lay them over bushes or go for a string of lights to wind around your outdoor vegetation. You could also use lights to frame your door or windows.

Indoor Christmas Decorations

1. Get a Christmas tree

 You can either buy or trim tree. Christmas tree is very important during Christmas celebrations because that is where most of the other decorations come from. The Christmas tree is always decorated with snowballs, candy canes, lights, and a star. And beneath it are always presents to be opened by the children on Christmas Day.

2. Hang lights

 You can also hang lights around the house in places like the windows, doors, in the living room and bedroom.

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