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Chevron Federal Credit Union – Chevron is a financial cooperative. It provides financial solutions like investments, loans, insurance, deposit account, online banking, credit and debit cards, security, and the likes. This credit union serves the community of the state in California.

Membership Eligibility

As a credit union, chevron Federal Union is a federally chartered non-profit financial institution owned by several members. Each member in the union owns a share in the credit union which has been secured by a deposit made earlier.

Chevron Federal Credit Union

Many people have been qualified for membership over the years but were not aware that they are. In this post, we will let you know how to find out if you are eligible for membership in Credit Union. Below is the member eligibility for Credit Union.

  • For anyone who worked for a qualifying employee, the length of the employee’s service is not required here. Even if you worked for just a day you are eligible as a retiree.
  • After your employment with a qualifying member, your eligibility still remains valid, not just you but members of your family and your roommates are also eligible to join.
  • Immediate family members, household members who share expenses are eligible, and it does not apply whether or not the primarily eligible person opens an account.
  • Family members of a deceased eligible person can join even if the eligible person never joined.

Anyone connected to an eligible person automatically becomes eligible too. Eligible persons are members of the Chevron Federal Credit Union and present and past employees of a qualified employer regardless of if they joined the union or not.

If you find yourself eligible, check it out at https://www.chevronfcu.org/jointoday to apply for membership.

NOTE: Immediate family includes spouse, children, parents, domestic partners, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren.

Chevron Federal Credit Union Address

Here we will be sharing the addresses of the credit union. Below is the credit union’s address.

1            Camino Media Branch

Bakersfield, CA, United States.”

2            El Segundo Branch

El Segundo, CA, United States.”

3             Salt Lake City Branch

North Salt Lake, UT, United States.”

4  “ATM Chevron Federal Credit Union

Houston, TX, United States.”

5            Covington Branch

Covington, LA, United States.”

6           Camino Media Branch

Bakersfield, CA, United States.”

7          Oak Point Branch

Belle Chasse, LA, United States.”

8           Pascagoula Branch

Pascagoula, MS, United States.”

9           San Ramon Branch

San Ramon, CA, United States”

10         1600 Smith Branch

Houston, TX, United States.”

11       Bakersfield Branch

Bakersfield, CA, United States.”

12          Richmond Branch

Richmond, CA, United States.”

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