Cheapest Way to Buy Bitcoin 2021 | How to Buy Bitcoin Easy Way

Cheapest Way to Buy Bitcoin – You might be losing bitcoin due to trading fees, these coins could be worth a fortune in 5-7 years. Discovering the cheapest way to buy bitcoin is very significant, that is why I will be discussing the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin in this article.

Cheapest Way to Buy Bitcoin 2021


eToro is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges with zero trading fees, launched in 2006 eToro is available in 140+ countries and offering cryptocurrencies in addition to hundreds of legacy financial products.

Depositing coins in eToro is totally free, it also enables users to buy bitcoin in different currencies.


  • No deposit
  • Simple to use
  • No trading fee


  • CFDs not available in US
  • $5 withdrawal fee
  • Cryptocurrencies only available to US users


Coinbase charges 1.49% trading fee whenever you trade cryptocurrency. Launched in 2014 coin base allow it users to buy Bitcoin and over 10+ cryptocurrency effortlessly.


  • 10+ cryptocurrency
  • Good customer support
  • Amazing user interface


  • High credit


Cex does not charge a withdrawal fee, the only charge associated with Cex is low trading of just 0.25%. Cex is perfect for beginners due to its easy interface. Launched in 2013  Cex has proven to be safe and secure all the time


  • Available in over 220 countries
  • Low trading fees
  • Intuitive to use


  • Instant buy feature comes with a hefty fee

Cash app

Cash app was launched by the famous Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. Established in 2018 cash all enable users to receive and send money easily and cheapest way to buy bitcoin.


  • Enables Bitcoin withdrawal
  • Zero fees
  • Very simple


  • Cash app currently does not allow users spent their bitcoin
  • Due to a spread that is charge, it’s not ide to purchase large amounts.

Coin mama

Coin mama is not only the cheapest way to buy bitcoin but also it is a trustworthy option to consider launched in 2013 coin mama served over 1.3 million users.


  • Simple to use
  • Great customer support
  • Fast identity verification process


  • High credit
  • Not the Bitcoin exchange with lower charge

If you want the Cheapest ways to buy Bitcoin avoid using credit cards or the instant buy feature to buy cheap bitcoin.

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