Cheap Universities In UK | Cheapest University in UK for International Students 2022

Cheap Universities In UK – With over 485,000 International students in the UK, it is leading as one of the top destinations for students in the world since 2019. For people considering studying in either Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree programs.

The first major concern is the cost of tuition fees. British Universities are known to be among the most expensive colleges to study, having expensive colleges, there are also few that are cheap and affordable.


The reason for the expensiveness of British education is not due to the tuition and other college fees, but due to the living expenses. With London being the most expensive student city in the world for Indian students. In this article, we will discuss the Cheap Universities In UK.

Tuition fee at several Universities in the UK is more expensive for international students compared to the Citizen of Britain or European countries. Prospective international students that are not on any scholarship lookout for the Cheap Universities In UK.

As mentioned, there are still a few more colleges that are affordable which we would talk about in this article. One thing you should take note of is that as this Universities tuition is low, it doesn’t mean they are less competitive than the others.

List of Cheap Universities In UK

Below is a list of some Cheap Universities In UK:

Leeds Trinity University:

In 2013, Sunday Times University guide placed Leeds Trinity University in the top 10% of UK universities for teaching excellence. One-fifth of the Undergraduate courses receive 100% overall satisfaction from a recent graduate.

Leeds Trinity University is known as the safest university in Leeds according to the complete university guide in 2013. The tuition for the Leeds Trinity University for several programs is given below:

Three-year undergraduate degree course £12,000 (per year)
Two-year undergraduate degree course? £12,000 (per year)
MA Childhood and Education £11,500
MA Creative Writing £11,500
MA Family Support £11,500
MA International Business £12,500
MA Journalism £12,500
MBA £12,500
MA Mental Health in Children and Young People £11,500
PhD, MPhil ?or MbR? (cost per year) £12,500
MSc Psychology (conversion)? £12,500
MA Victorian Studies £11,500
PGCE £12,500

Staffordshire University:

Staffordshire University is noted known for its science department having several of its programs and department featuring in the top 10 in UK. Staffordshire set up its plan to be an ethical and values-led organization and will operate as a responsible and sustainable business.

Staffordshire has been ranked among the top 100 Universities in the UK for several years. The tuition for the Staffordshire University for several programs is given below:

Computer Science BSc (Hons) £14,000
MSc Computer Science £14,500
Master of Business Administration (MBA) £15,500
International Business Management MSc £14,500

Teesside University:

Teesside University has consecutively been on UK top ten for overall average international student satisfaction international student Barometer 2008-12. Teesside University is the only modern university to be named in the Times Higher Education University of the Year.

Teesside University has over 80 years of teaching excellence. It international scholarship is worth 1,500 pounds a year. The tuition for the Teesside University for several programs is given below:

Full-time undergraduate course £13,000 (per year)
Full-time postgraduate diploma course £12,400
Two Year Master’s degree £15,000 (£7,500 per year)
Full-time research degree (standard tier) £11,750 (per year)
Full-time research degree (enhanced tier) £14,500 (per year)
Doctorate in Health & Social Care £13,000 (per year)

Leeds Beckett University: Cheap Universities In UK

This University offers high-quality education at an affordable price. Leeds Becket University has partnered with several companies and organizations to make sure that students are considered in job offers after completing their studies. Leeds Becket offers one of the cheapest tuition in the UK. The tuition for the Teesside University for several programs is given below:

Foundation £11,000
Undergraduate (most courses) £12,000
Postgraduate (most courses) £13,000 to £14,000
Research £14,000

University of Cumbria: Cheap Universities In UK

The University of Cumbria was established based on the idea of distributed learning network in 2007 so that learning takes place both at the University’s campuses and at remote colleges around Cumbria.

The University of Cumbria has a strong track record in interdisciplinary research inviting and welcoming students from all over the world. The tuition for the University of Cumbria for several programs is given below:

Bachelor’s degree (BA, BSc, LLB) £12,800
BA (Hons) Social Work £15,500
Postgraduate Courses £12,800
MBA £14,500

London Metropolitan University:

This University’s courses provide practical, workspace skills and opportunities for professional development, at an affordable fee and has one of the largest teaching labs such as specialist and design studios and more in Europe. The tuition for the London Metropolitan University for several programs is given below:

Full-time honors degree (BA or BSc) 13,200
Masters degree (Data Analytics – MSc) 13,750
MBA 13,250

University of Bolton:

The University of Bolton offers some unique degrees such as Special Effect for film, TV, and Visual Effects for Film and TV. It also offers a wide range of vocational courses, along with the more traditional academic courses.

There are over 13,000 academic students across all sites and courses, with 700 academic and professional staff. The tuition for the University of Bolton for several programs is given below:

International Foundation Semester £4250
International Foundation Year £8500
Pre-Masters Semester £4250
Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits) £3750
Undergraduate courses £11250 (Per Annum)
Postgraduate (excluding MBA) £11250
MBA £12500
MPhil, Ph.d £10170
Ph.d by publication £12715

York St John University: Cheap Universities In UK

Offers state of art infrastructural facilities to students. 93% of graduates are in employment or full-time study six months after graduating. Recently  2.5 million pounds Arts center has been developed, including sound performance and exhibition facilities and a new media workshop. The tuition for the York St John University for several programs is given below:

Post Graduate Research £9,500
Post Graduate Taught MA/MSc £10,000
UG & PG Health Programs £11,500
MBA Masters in Business Administration £13,000
MSC (Pre-Registration) Physiotherapy £17,250



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