Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria With Debit Card – Guide

How to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with debit card Various online exchanges allow you to buy bitcoin in Nigeria with debit card online, however, not all of them accept the naira debit card and a credit card from International countries.

The cryptocurrency world provides various mind of investment opportunities for people to acquire cryptocurrency. The alternative to purchasing cryptocurrency using credit and debit cards is now available.

How to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with debit card

If you want to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with debit card you will need to have a bitcoin wallet as most bitcoin exchanges require. A Bitcoin Wallet is just like a bank account, you can generate a Bitcoin address, a bitcoin address serves as a bank account number, you use your Bitcoin address to receive and send Bitcoin.

There are countless reasons why you may want to invest in cryptocurrency, maybe you want to avoid the naira inflation or you would like to have digital assets that will be profitable for you later in the future. Their thousands of platforms you can buy Bitcoin with a debit card in Nigeria

However, in this article, I will discuss online exchanges that accept a debit card for bitcoin buy in Nigeria

Can I Use A Credit Card To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria?

You can use your credit card to buy bitcoin in Nigeria online in any currency.

Best Site To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria

Best sites to buy bitcoin in Nigeria, these sites are involved in bitcoin in Nigeria with market-friendly prices. People in Nigeria used them to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria :


Paxful was launched in 2015 by Ray yourself and strut Schabacker, the Paxful market place is a secure peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace. Bitcoin sellers and buyers communicate and post trad offers.

Paxful provides debit card purchases for Nigerians. Paxful other multiple payment option you can access on Paxful are; PayPal, perfect money, swift, western union, money gram, and even gifts cards


Remitano market allows you to buy and sell bitcoin safely and easily. Remitano offers a very simple user interface with one of the best online customer support that is always available 24/7

A lot of people in Nigeria make use of remintano for Bitcoin purchase.


Binance is another platform to buy bitcoin in Nigeria with debit card. Binance is a greater option if you want to buy bitcoin in Nigeria, you can easily comfort naira to Bitcoin and bitcoin to naira on Binance. You can also buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with debit card or via bank transfer


Nairex is the biggest local bitcoin exchange platform owned by Nigeria. Nairaex is a secure and reliable platform for Nigerians who want to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria using debit card.

Nairaex provides bank transfer, bank deposit and ATM transfer for payment option

How To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria Without OTP

Buying Bitcoin without ID has a very high fee, you will need a bitcoin wallet to buy bitcoin in Nigeria without opt:

Here is how to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria without otp

  • Buy your digital currency with cash (Bitquick), you can purchase your bitcoin via cash deposit at a bank if you don’t want to bug bitcoin without otp in Nigeria
  • You can head over to a bitcoin ATM to purchase bitcoin if you have one near you, you won’t need an otp.
  • You can use shape shift to buy bitcoin without verification. But you will need to buy altcoins or any other digital token before buying.

If you have any further questions regarding this or cryptocurrency, our team will be very glad to help you. Safe!

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