Best Instagram Follower Tracker App: Best Unfollow App for Instagram 2020 [Free & Safe]

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Do you know about best Instagram follower tracker app? Instagram is really a great platform to promote users’ brand and sales, but you need to use some Instagram analytics tools to analyze the interaction of your followers. After all, having more fans means you will get more potential customers, and every day you may face the loss of them,

so, Best Instagram Follower Tracker App is a must for the development of your account. While Instagram itself does provide an analysis of how your followers interact with your posts, you must have a corporate account to access them. No worries. The article is here for you to list the 5 Best Instagram Follower Tracker App

Best Instagram Follower Tracker App

Comparison List of the 5 Instagram Tracker Apps

We tried 5 apps to check the quality of the services they provide and then we ranked them by weighing their functions, advantages, disadvantages, etc. See the comparison list below and quickly choose your ideal tracker for Instagram.

AppFree VersionFree TrialPrice per MonthCompatibility
Ghost Unfollower for InstagramYesYes/iOS
Followers PlusYesYes/iOS
IG AnalyzerNo7-day free trial$7.99iOS
IconosquareNo14-day free trial$29iOS and Android
CrowdfireYesYes$7.48Android 4.2+ iOS, macOS

Ghost Unfollowers – Best Unfollow App for Instagram 2020 [Safe]

Compatibility: iOS

Key specialty: Monitor the ghost followers

What are ghost followers on Instagram? Have you ever wondered why you get 10K IG followers every 24 hours but so few likes in your posts? These users are ghost followers or lurks who always remain inactive on Instagram and do not participate in any participation. How to get rid of ghost followers on Instagram? Ghost accounts can be created by human or social bots. They do nothing to help improve the performance of your Instagram account. Also, scammers often generate fictitious fake IG accounts. As the best unfollow app for Instagram in 2020, Fake I.G. Clean will help you track your Instagram followers and remove ghost followers from Instagram.

It can help you monitor the latest 100 posts from followers on Instagram who have no interaction with you. You can also use it to track and delete these Instagram unfollowers. Remember that you can unfollow up to 60 users per hour due to Instagram restrictions.


  • 100% Free
  • Safe unfollow app for Instagram
  • Fastest Ghost followers app
  • Track and delete ghost followers on Instagram


  • Unfollow up to 60 users per hour

Followers Plus – Best Instagram Tracker App for Followers & Unfollowers

Compatibility: iOS

Key specialty: Personal accounts’ monitoring

Followers Plus is the best app to see who unfollowed you on Instagram 2020, and it is also perfect for tracking users’ personal accounts. With a scrolling feature, it is visually simple, modern, and practical. It can track your new followers and unfollowers. It offers a list of people who you follow but they don’t follow you back, and users who follow you but you don’t follow them back. You are also allowed to see who has blocked you on IG, as well as deleted likes and comments.

With Followers Plus, you can know your most and least popular posts, and your best and worst followers. Note that some data in the app is only available after you’ve registered for an account, so you won’t see your past unfollowers, users who blocked you before downloading the application, and so on. However, you can still get a full report on who likes and comments on your photos the most, including the previous posts before you signed up with this tool.


  • Free
  • More visual and innovative scrolling feature
  • A swift and the most accurate tool
  • Track the post-performance and engagement


  • Other social media network can’t be tracked
  • Let users pay for content that is available elsewhere for free

IG Analyzer – Instagram Followers Tracker for Growth

Compatibility: iOS

Key specialty: The monitoring of Instagram Growth

The IG Analyzer will show the updates in real-time and your current followers, who you’re following, etc. This app allows you to easily find and unfollow people who have unfollowed you. You will get notifications that alert you to any new unfollowers. IG Analyzer tracks your followers’ progress while using the app and creates useful charts as shown below. It also provides statistical information, such as average likes per post and comments per post.

With this best Instagram tracker app, you can also easily find out the followers who deleted likes or comments of your posts and know the most influential followers based on the number of their followers. But to get the detailed analysis, you must upgrade to the paid version of the app. The upgrade includes useful information, such as ghost followers, influential followers, secret admirers, etc. It contains the following subscription options:1 month ($7.99) with a 7-day free trial. It is free during the trial period and then renews with $7.99/month when the free trial ends.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Shows the update in real-time
  • Send alerts for any new unfollowers
  • Help users find out the most influential followers


  • Have to upgrade to the paid version for detailed analysis

Iconosquare – Top Instagram Tracker for Business

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Key specialty: Social monitoring for business

Iconosquare officially partners with Instagram and Facebook, and provides rich statistics and insights to optimize the online presence of your business. It comes with analytics including follower development, engagement statistics, community analysis, Instagram story impressions, competitor tracking, and much more. With its moderate price ($29/month), Iconosquare is ideal for companies looking to improve their social media strategy without overpaying.

It also offers a free Instagram audit, but only for corporate accounts, offering insights into more than 20 metrics for those who are seeking the full version testing. This app has a case study section that shows stories about their success, which is very useful for new customers to understand the quality of service. It also allows buyers to create worksheets with colors and links.


  • Nice dashboard
  • Provides in-depth analytics
  • Offers great solutions for both personal & business Instagram accounts
  • 14-day free trial


  • Few social media platforms supported

Crowdfire – Best Insta Tracker to Offer Articles and Photo Recommendations

Compatibility: Android 4.2+ iOS, macOS

Key specialty: Content curation

Crowdfire has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Whether it is used as a corporate or personal account, the free Instagram tracker app can automatically offer articles or photo recommendations from other sites to help users expand the visibility and grow more followers. It enables users to arrange their posts, measure their performance, track mentions of their brands, and curate content related to their industry from the Internet.

The designed analytics tool visualizes your Instagram data in multiple user-friendly charts. They also break down a number of advanced metrics to show you a long-term performance. In terms of tracking, the analysis is powerful. It allows you to see how many posts are doing well and how many are not. One good idea is to arrange great works again so that many others can see them.


  • Comes with a free version
  • Obtain detailed statistics and optimization reports
  • Safe payment
  • Works with a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Automatically suggest recommended articles and photos for your audience


  • Some limitations on free Instagram followers
  • Slow tech support

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