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Best cryptocurrency wallet in Nigeria – Purchasing of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Nigeria has continued to soar high making the country when of the biggest cryptocurrency players in the crypto universe

There are several cryptocurrency wallets accessible to Nigerians, a platform where Nigerians can trade bitcoin/cryptocurrency with ease in the world.

The cryptocurrency/bitcoin introduces various investment opportunities for people to acquire cryptocurrency. If you are currently looking for the best cryptocurrency wallet in Nigeria for you to purchase cryptocurrency as a means for long time investment or to generate income in Nigeria you have come to the right place.

 A cryptocurrency wallet is similar to a bank account, you can generate a Bitcoin address, a bitcoin address serves as a bank account number, you use your Bitcoin address to receive and send Bitcoin.

There are thousands of reasons why you may want to invest in cryptocurrency, or why you should invest in cryptocurrency maybe you want to avoid the naira inflation or you would like to have a long time investment that will be profitable for you years later.

There are various secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange platforms to purchase bitcoin.

In this article, we will talk about the best cryptocurrency wallet in Nigeria.

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Luno cryptocurrency exchange for platform record its highest trade volume in South Africa and Nigeria, link is a web-based wallet that offers buying and selling, exchange, Luno business, and Luno API service on Luno platform

Luno support bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, ripple XRP, and lite coin currency

Luno also supports fiat currency namely Nigeria naira, euros, Indonesia rupees, Malaysia ringgit, and Zimbabwe kwacha.

Coin base

Coin Base cryptocurrency is a U.S based platform launched in 2012. Coin base one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallet in Nigeria, the app have offer 43million downloads.

Coinbase wallet is accessible in over 100 countries, it is also worth knowing that Nigerian’s can use the coinbase wallet service to transfer their already existing crypto within wallets. However, the exchange it’s self is not supported for me.


Quidax is a web based wallet, that provides easy trading for its users directly on the platform.

Quidax offers basic services for crypto investors to interact, quidax services include wallet, instant buy and sell, exchange. Crypto is only supported in Nigeria.


Coinmoi was founded in 2014 and has lots of users sound the world. Coinmoi was originally a mobile wallet that was only available on Android currently coinmoi is now accessible on desktop and iOS.


Binance finance was first launched in China in 2017, Binance supports Nigerian naira as a fiat currency on the Binance wallet, Nigerians can use naira for trading on the Binance app.

Binance offers features that enable users to access crypto services such as Defi, staking, liquidity farming, and trading.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria Without OTP

Buying Bitcoin without ID has very high fees, you will need a bitcoin wallet to buy bitcoin in Nigeria without opt:

Here is how to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria without OTP

  • purchase your bitcoin via cash deposit at a bank if you don’t want to buy bitcoin without using Otp verification in Nigeria
  • You can head over to a bitcoin ATM to purchase bitcoin if you have one near you, doesn’t require OTP
  • You can use shape shift to buy bitcoin without verification. But you will need to buy altcoins or any other digital token before buying.

Can I Buy Bitcoin with Nigeria Debit Card?

Like bank transfer payment options, where you need to have stablecoins first before you buy bitcoin, you can use bank credit cards or debit cards to purchase bitcoin directly

How do I Cash out Bitcoin to Nigeria naira

To cash out bitcoin to Nigeria naira,

  • Access any of the cryptocurrency wallet
  • Register and verify your email address
  • Follow prompt to cash out your bitcoin to naira.

Is there a bitcoin ATM in Nigeria?

Following the increase of trading in cryptocurrency in Nigeria a tech company in Nigeria, block stale has launched the first-ever bitcoin automated teller machine in Lagos.

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