Benefits of Twitter Marketing | Advantages and Disadvantages

Benefits of Twitter marketing- The influence of Twitter on marketing of brands and businesses continue to grow by the day. Twitter has grown from more than just a social media platform to a convenient platform where business owners can reach out to millions of people and increasing the awareness of their company.  As a marketing platform, there are some benefits you get using Twitter for marketing as we shall be discussing later in today’s article.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing

Before we discuss some of these benefits of Twitter marketing, let’s take a moment to discuss what Twitter marketing – this involves the use of using Twitter (and it’s various tools and strategies) for business, reaching out to target audience, generating more leads, and by so doing, increasing your brand awareness on the platform. Twitter has over 350 million active users every month, harnessing the skill of Twitter marketing is one that’ll be of very good advantage to brands and companies, as that’ll help them grow in both strength and numbers, amongst other benefits.

Twitter marketing| 5 Real benefits of Twitter marketing

Now that we have an idea of what Twitter marketing is, start with me as I put you through five outstanding benefits of using Twitter for marketing your business.

  • Better customer service and satisfaction

Twitter provides an avenue for your existing or potential customers to follow your business real, this allows you to modify your business in a way that suits your customers by listening to their reactions. This puts you steps ahead of your competitors who don’t have the skill of Twitter Marketing, as a matter of fact, you can also search for conversations related to your business and give feedback, providing grounds for better customer satisfaction.

  • Makes communication more effective

As a marketer, you should be able to make your business goals and values clear to anyone, the inability to this effect could put you at the danger of losing potential customers. This is one important aspect where Twitter comes in to play, Twitter gives you opportunity to tell people about your business values, goals by day to day chats, or by answering questions asked by people to clear them of any doubts that they could possibly have.

Twitter Marketing Service

  • Driving in more traffic for your local stores and website

Twitter can also serve as a platform where you can get your customers’ attention by engaging them in special offers contest available both online and offline. Arranging special offers and events like this helps you to direct people to your local store or by including URL leading directly to your website whenever you’re constructing a tweet, which is a very good way of increasing your brand awareness.

  • Keep an eye on your competitors

Twitter allows you to follow the trend and help you keep an eye on your competitors, know what tips and strategies they’re using in anything related to your business. As a matter of fact, this important benefit of Twitter helps you to learn more about your business and current trends going on in your industry.

  • Fosters connection between your local community

This is particularly important for people who have local branches of their business, you can use Twitter to make it known to your existing customers, you can also use this medium to share valuable information and solutions to local issues and local events, strengthening the bond between your brand and local community.

In conclusion, Twitter offer great benefits to companies that use the platform for marketing, generally, they tend to get an increase in their traffic both online and in their local stores, create a good customer relationship with and puts them step ahead of their competitors.

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