Battlefield 2042 Review: Battlefield 2042 release date, trailers, Beta, news, gameplay and modes

Battlefield 2042 Review – For all game lovers that are anticipating the release of Battlefield 2042, I am excited to inform you that the official release date is very close, for update and all you need to know about battlefield 2042 Review continue reading this article as we will be answering some questions that might be in your mind such as Is Battlefield 2042 cross platform, how can I get Battlefield Mobile Beta? What Date will it be released?

In Battlefield 2042 review, I will be giving you answers to the above question and many more things you should expect in this game.

To know the platform, a game Would run on is very vital to every gamer, both amateur and pro. Sometimes a game might be launched or may be waiting for launch and most gamers don’t know what platform would support the game. It can be so agonizing when things like that happen.

Battlefield 2042 Review

No doubt, knowing that a game is set to be released and not knowing when it is going to be released, poses a threat in gaming, as anxiety of not knowing when the game is to come out kills every gamer expecting it.

That is why asking questions about a game before and after its launch is very important for everyone who’s interested in the game.

Battlefield 2042 Review 2021

Battlefield 2042 is a yet-to-be-released first-person shooter action game, it was developed by DICE and to be published by the infamous Electronic Arts also known as EA in the gaming industry.

Battlefield 2042 is the 17th section of the Battlefield series. It is set to be the successor to Battlefield V.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay

Just like its predecessors, Battlefield 2042 is going to be a multiplayer-based first-person shooter game.

The game is packed with futuristic weapons and gadgets that are amazing, deployable turrets and drones that make the gameplay awesome.

A lot of vehicles are also available, as every vehicle in the game is subject to being commandeered by the player.

In this new version of the game, players have the ability to request a vehicle airdrop to any location in the gameplay environment.

The game presents a new “Plus” system which allows players to customize their weapons on the spot. The class system was overtaken.

There are roles in which players can assume in the gameplay, these roles fall under the battlefield gameplay classes of, Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon.

It is also interesting to know that the game’s storyline is told on the basis of the fiction of earth’s destruction, global warming, and even climate change.

It also features the fall of the European Union when a Kessler syndrome event occurs thereby causing 70% of orbiting satellites to crash into the earth.

Tensions between the United States and Russia are on the rise with war breaking out in the year 2042.

All these represent the storyline behind the gameplay. The gameplay modes are in three main categories. They are All-Out Warfare, Breakthrough and Conquest modes.

These modes are in a series where multiple players combat to be the best at all costs. The game is to support 128 players for, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S, while for the likes of PS4 and Xbox One, 64 players will be supported.

Is Battlefield 2042 Cross Platform?

This question has been asked by a lot of people out there, and if you’ve noticed, an expo on this was given in the previous section.

The answer to this is yeah, the game is a cross platform game supporting, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, X and, S series.

It is yet to be known if players can play with other players using a different console or PC.

Battlefield Mobile Beta

From the look of things, there has been no indication that Battlefield 2042 will feature mobile devices, but we all are still hopeful that something would come up.

So, the answer to this is no for now. There is no mobile beta for Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Official Release Date

The game was officially announced on June 9, 2021, and was initially slated to be released on October 22, 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this date was shifted to November 19, 2021.

Hence the official date for the launch of Battlefield 2042 is November 19, 2021. Do well to stay tuned and get ready to unwind to the game that is to come.

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