Apps to Sell Stuff Online – 10 Best Apps to Sell Stuff Online 2020 – Free Websites to sell stuff online

Apps to Sell Stuff Online – Do you know that Apps to Sell Stuff Online has made it easy for business owners to sell and get more sales and customers? Unlike selling locally, selling locally benefits people but not all, but online, your business gets to reach a lot of people.

As we all know today the internet has really taken or played a big role in people’s lives. So, it will be nice to put your business where people visit the most, and online is a suitable place for you. You will learn a lot today after reading this article, you will know where to place your business online.

Apps to Sell Stuff Online

Apps to Sell Stuff Online

You can use an app to sell almost anything you own locally; well many people prefer to avoid the hassle of shipping and cost too. This means more money in your pocket. Now I am going to show you apps that you can use to sell online and make sales very fast and easy. All you have to do is to read carefully, below will be listed some apps that you can use to sell stuff online. Here are some of the apps you can use to sell online:

  1. Decluttr.
  2. Poshmark.
  3. Facebook Marketplace.
  4. OfferUp.
  5. Blinker.
  6. eBay.
  7. Chairish.
  8. Dealo.
  9. Vinted.
  10. Bookoo.

1. Declutter

This app provides the users a facility to enter the barcode of the items needed to be sold over platform.

The app searches for the required categories as per the scanned barcode and lists the desired product inside their database.

Entire listing formalities are entirely free over the platform and can be accessed with ease via the handheld devices such as smartphones.

One of the most attracting and eye-catching advantage is that the app provides the users a facility to get paid next day if they prefer to choose the payment via PayPal or direct deposits. It is one of the app/websites to sell stuff locally and online.

2. Poshmark

The app allows buying and selling up of the stuffs related to fashion, clothing and other concerned accessories.

Users can borrow the stuff by applying essential filters such as men, women, and kids along with the brand name or items as well.

The prepaid shipping label is sent to the sellers who wish to sell an item over Poshmark platform. Small commission amount is charged based on the transaction.

Customer service team assists for the best items concerning the specific category. Availability is for both the mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

3. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace gives you a great chance of offloading your unwanted stuff and making some extra cash online. Also, the Facebook marketplace is used in 70 countries by 800 million people. As with many apps items for sale are tailored to your geographic location.

 Now after uploading photos of the items for sale and finding a potential buyer. Then it is up to you to work out delivery and payment. Also, you don’t need to download a new app to access the Facebook marketplace since the Facebook marketplace is accessible via the Facebook app.

4. OfferUp

Unlike other list of money-making apps available, OfferUp provides the users with an appealing interface by making both the buyers and sellers leave their individual feedback based on their experience.

The app can be understood a combination of Craigslist and eBay allowing the users to add stuff inside the watch list, utilising the in-app chatting feature to ask the questions and additionally make a counter offer as well.

App is extremely free without any hidden charges. Availability is for both the famous platforms including Android and iOS.

5. Blinker

The Blinker can be a fun app to sell your car. Now you can take pictures of the car with your phone and Blinker effortlessly uploads the estimated value and factory features. This app lets you add personal details that help set your car apart from similar models. It is possible to sell your car at the private party value which means more cash in your pocket.

 Also, your listing can appear on the Autotrader online marketplace as well. You and the buyer complete the payment process and signing the documents digitally. If you still have a car loan, Blinker uses the first portion of the sales price to pay off your loan. You keep the remaining balance.

6. eBay

eBay is well popular for serving the customers all across the world.

Also, local listings of the large and bulky items including furniture etc. can also be done so that the buyer can meet the seller and pick up the p without any hassles.

The app is worth trying as the listing procedure is completely free without any hidden charges. To get a thorough knowledge of how buying and selling work on eBay you can check out this link on –What to Sell On eBay.

7. Chairish

The app has been made available only for the iOS environments.

The app is dedicated towards the selling of hand-made decorations and vintage jewelry and furniture, with a minimum listing charge of $75 as well as 20% commission.

The buyer can return the product within 48 hours and they are permitted to be paid after 48 hours of time.

8. Dealo

Dealo is available on the iPhone and has a global presence, you can quickly list and sell your products. The app is a little more like Craigslist because the buyer can contact you by Phone or Email. Now many other apps only permit communication with in-app chat. Now the Chat-only app protects your privacy as much as possible until you schedule a meetup. However, some items can be easier to sell with a phone call or email. If nothing else, your buyers have more options.

9. Vinted

Wardrobe items including shoes, cloths and accessories are permitted to be sold over the platform; one of the best apps to sell the stuff.

Sellers can find their local buyers instantly or even ship the item as per the requirements and get instant payments via PayPal. Vinted is available for both the platforms.


This is a family-friendly app that has boards in most states and even some U.S military bases located across the globe. The app is part classified and part social media platform, sellers and buyers can create a profile and friend other users. Also, you can build a level of trust with the buyer before you meet them.

Now not being able to “meet” the buyer before the sale is one reason why some sellers avoid Craigslist. Now your profile also lists the other products you have listed, you can see that this makes it easier to make an additional sale for buyers looking to buy more than one item. Also, all sales occur locally, so you never have to worry about shipping anything

The Bottom Line

This summarizes the list of best apps and websites to sell stuff online. There are a countless number of apps and websites that will give you some best offers to sell your stuff online. Choosing the right kind of platform (app/website) for the particular item to be sold plays a crucial role

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