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Apple Pay Finally Arrives in Mexico, Its 61st Country– Apple has finally be released in Mexico, more than six years after Apple’s mobile payments service first went live in the united states. It is available to customers of Citibanamex and Banorte, the two largest banks in the country. Cards supported include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

It has been supported in a number of stores in Mexico, including Domino’s 7-Eleven, Domino’s P.F Chang’s and some other. Many more will be added as time goes on.

The 61st country to Add Apple Pay

It has been announced that Mexico is the 61st country to add support for Apple pay. The news that it would be reaching at Mexico was first discussed back in October, when Apple updated its Apple Mexico wedpage to include details about Apple Pay. The page denote ‘’Apple Pay works with the credit and debit cards of the most important networks, issued by different national banks.

Apple Pay Finally Arrives in Mexico, Its 61st Country

It is not so clear why customers in Mexico had to wait this long to get Apple Pay. In some other countries, adoption has taken a while as a result of negotiations with local banks and financial institutions. This sometimes been based on clashes over the financial cut Apple takes for transactions.

Mexico is the first new country to add Apple Pay support in 2021. This marks the second country in Latin America to offer Apple Pay support. The firs was Brazil, which will commence supporting Apple Pay in April 2018.

Apple’s Push into Financial Services

Apple Pay makes it easy to pay for items in shops using contactless payments via an iPhone or Apple Watch. It can also be used in a growing number of locations for paying for public transport, as well as offering a more seamless way to pay for items online or through apps. Along with Apple Card, Apple Pay marked Apple’s first move into the world of financial services.

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