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Apple pay is a digital wallet that lets you pay for goods by moving your iPhone over a contactless reader, by eliminating the use of a physical card or entering a pin. It is available to iPhone users. It was designed to move consumers away from physical wallets into a world where your debit cards are on your iPhone or apple watch allowing you to pay using your device instead of card.

It is a method of making payment digitally without your card. Apple pay appears to be at least as secure as contactless payments. The moment you add a card to apple pay the details are encrypted and stored only on your phone not on the apples server.


And immediately apple replaces your cards details with something called a device account number also known as token which means that the real information is never shared during the purchase.

The security level on apple pay is high as finger print recognition and facial recognition technology adds another layer of security. If by any chance you lose your phone all you need to do is to log into apples iCloud or by putting your device lost mode via the find my phone app.

How To Set Up An Apple Pay

It is very easy to use the apple pay all you need to do is to open the pre-installed wallet app and add the payment cards you want to use in your device. The iPhones camera can be used to capture the cards details quickly.

Cards that are already linked to your apple ID can be verified by entering the security code, but new cards will need to be verified by your banks. Your default card is the one that you plant to use most often but switching to a new one is very simple. Just do the following depending on the type of iPhone that you are using

  1. On iPhone X or later double click the side button and then tap to choose another card
  2. On iPhone 8 or earlier, hold your device near the reader without resting your fingers on touch ID, then tap choose another card
  3. On apple watch double click the side button and swipe left or right to choose another card.

Which Banks Or Cards Support Apple Pay

You might be wondering which banks or cards support apple pay. Well apple pay supports most major credit and debit cards providers including visa, MasterCard and American express. Apples apple card is also supported.

Where Can You Use An Apple Pay?

Apple pay works anywhere that accepts a contactless payment. If you see the contactless payment symbol or the apple pay symbol near readers at checkout, they will accept apple pay. It is supported by hundreds of thousands of stores and restaurants worldwide.

Is There A Limit For Apple Pay?

Not at all, unlike contactless card payments that limit you to a 45 euro spend, there is actually no limit for apple pay. this simply means you can fill up your car with fuel, pay for your weekly shopping, all with you iPhone or apple watch.

Where Is Apple Pay Available

It is available in over 40 countries, these include the US, Canada, Australia, the UAE, Russia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan etc.

Apple pay saves you the stress of carrying cash and cards around. all you need do is make your payments with you iPhone or apple watch. that’s literally life made easy.

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