App To Transfer From Different Banks – Best Money Transfer Apps of 2020

App To Transfer From Different Banks – Are you looking for app to make transfer from different banks? This can be done with ease as they are various bank app that are available to do the task at convenient for you. In this article I will be showing you some apps that can transfer money from different banks to another. Continue in reading this article.

App To Transfer Money From Different Banks

Online banking and transfer of fund from one bank to another has been made easy with the use of applications. Using this app you can boost your credit score and get your payments done on time. With these apps, you can have access to payment tools that will connect your checking account to the service. The routing number also link just the way you link your account from separate banks.

Money Transfer App from Bank to Bank

Google Pay

Google Pay is an app from Google that is use for payment, transfer of fund from different banks. It is a money payment platform. Google is a digital wallet that enables users to receive and also send to their recipients.

However, Google pay can be use to transfer money from one bank to another bank with a low fee. On Google pay app you can store your card details (credit and debit) information. You can also use your Google app to make payments for items in-store and online without wiping your credit card. This is enable through your embedded near-fields communication Chip (NFC).

Square Cash

This is another app that can be use to transfer money from different banks. Square app is known for business but can be used personally. With square app you can make transfer to another and it delivers instantly.

There are no charges for personal transfer but business transfer, you will pay up to 2.75% for each transactions. Get to Google Play Store to download your app and install it into your device. It is a compatible with android and iOS phones devices.


This app Venmo is popular for transfer of money from one bank to another either internationally or domestically. With Venmo app your payment or transfer is done instantly. However, you can download the app from Google play store or on Apple store and get install into your device for your personal and business use.

Using the app to transfer money from Different Banks may attract some fees depending on the destination you are sending the money to. You must make accurate inquiry before you use this app for fees and other charges.

Western Union

Western Union is the oldest form of money transfer from one bank to another. Western union has move from its old pattern to have its own mobile app where you can just make your transfer with ease. With western Union app you can pay or transfer direct from your bank to another bank. Using your card or cash adds to the convenience factor, just like Apple Pay. Download the app to get more information.


One of the best app transfer services you can trust. The Azimo app is available in Google Play and Apple App Store for its services. The interface is easy to use for your transfer to the point of collection.

Azimo have over 200,000 pick up points worldwide. You will be low fee for transfer base on your destination. They have a strong customer services although you can only send email and not phone calls. You earn discount for referring a friend to use this app.

There are so many app that can transfer money from different banks to another although we have not mention them. This includes Apple Pay, Google Play Send the latest of money transfer app and many others.

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