5 Free Apps To Improve Twitter Without Subscribing To Twitter Blue

You don’t want to pay for Twitter blue? Use these free web apps and extensions instead. You don’t have to pay to unlock the best features of Twitter. There are plenty of free apps and extensions to improve twitter in various ways.

Twitter is introducing a subscription service Twitter blue that adds features like bookmarks folders, an undo tweet option, and a reader mode for threads. These are not exactly premium features, particularly when you get a similar experience withdrew third-party tools like the reader and thread reader. So here is how you can make Twitter better without paying for twitter blue.

5 Free Apps To Improve Twitter Without Subscribing To Twitter Blue
  • Mark folder and bookmark lite (web, chrome, Firefox): bookmark tweets and organize in folders

Twitter wants people to lay for Twitter blue to organize their saved bookmarked tweets. It’s outrageous, since when you consider how simple and easy bookmark folders are.

Mark folder:  is the biggest, this browser extension adds a simple button to bookmark tweet. Markfolder tweets are searchable and you can maintain their original format when you visit the bookmarks. The browser extension adds a simple button to bookmark a tweet you can simultaneously put it into an existing folder or create a new folder and add it to that.

Bookmark lite: if you want to save tweet, on your phone or a computer you can share it as a direct message to the bot. You can also add folder or tag to save it in by typing the folder name. It’s simple and flexible.

  • Hopefully (web): compose and auto create Twitter threads

When you go over the 240 character limit. Twitter will ask if you want to turn it into a thread. You can use it for quick reply or message, however, if you want to turn to engage your followers you can use a committed app like typefully to create Twitter thread and also write longer tweets.

Typefully has an easy means of adding lines to separate tweets, while a single line adds space in that tweet. You will be able to type freely with these basics in mind. Typefully let’s you plan Tweet for later in the free version with the paid version of Typefully you can unlock extra features like analytics, the beat time to tweet, and other useful tools for those who use Twitter professionally.

  • The Block bot web: Mute and block Twitter trolls

Twitter blue is not going to fix Twitter trolls, Experts have flagged Twitter troll problems for years but even the social network has only taken minimum steps in addressing these issues. However, one option to fix this is to form a community of people who will block or might troll and you can achieve this with the block bot.

Here is how it works

  • Sign up for block bot
  • Create a block list of accounts, whose tweet you don’t wang your timeline
  • Share the list of others via URL
  • Once they subscribe to your list, they will automatically not see those accounts either
  • Ask them to share their block list with you, and you will auto block and mute the accounts they did
  • Twittertwill web: AI analyzes frequently positive and negatives tweeters

Twitter is trying to use AI to show you how to create a more positive and feel-good timeline by analyzing tweets. Twitter can be a really negative space sometimes.

To create a positive atmosphere give it access to your timeline and Twitter will automatically scan your timeline during peak tweeting hours. It determines the mood of your timeline based on tweet. The mood of each sample session, who are frequent positive tweeters and negative tweeters.

  • Hide promotes tweets and minimal twitter ( chrome, firefox): remove twitter we ads

You think that you would automatically get rid of ads with a paid subscription to twitter blue and set up twitter how you want it. That not the case promotes tweets will stay on and you don’t get a say on how Twitter looks.

Hide promoted tweets: once you install HPT, you won’t see ads again. This chrome extension does exactly what it says, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a text or video ad. It currently supports English, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Ukrainian.

Minimal twitter: a firefox and chrome extension that cut of all clutter from Twitters interface. From promote posts, along with things like who to follow, DMs drawer, expanded navigation buttons, and lots more. Everything is reduced to minimalist design and you can customize it too.

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