5 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps For Android

The best pregnancy tracker app for Android – These apps will assist you to track your pregnancy journey and monitor your health. It is never easy to go through pregnancy there are so many inconveniences you may face during this period. However, with the help of technology there various ways to manage the process and make it bearable.

Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps For Android

Five Best Pregnancy Tracker app for Android You Can Use If You Are Expecting


Pregnancy+ app is great for tracking the improvement of your pregnancy, through each trimester. It is advisable to know your due date, or the approximate date, when you sign up for this app you have agreed to let the app assist you in tracking your pregnancy.

With Pregnancy+ you write out a birth plan for your expected day, you can keep track of appointment and other significant details, like your weight guides are available to assist navigate along the way.

Features of pregnancy+

  • Calendar
  • Daily tips
  • Tricks
  • Free in app purchase

Pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy week by week give you the appropriate length and width of your child, even when you are just a few weeks pregnant. The app allows you to learn about your body and child’s as weeks and months of your pregnancy passed. Every week the app will let you know how your uterus is growing as well as that of your baby.

Features Of The Pregnancy Week By Week

  • Tracking
  • Braxton hicks contraction trackers
  • Body weight tracker


Yogi birth offer you different yoga meditation classes. It has a specific practicing yoga during pregnancy, you get to choose from balance yoga, intuition yoga, fatigue yoga, and lots more. They offer classes that helps you connect your baby, classes that assist you in keeping birth affirmations.

Features of yogibirth

  • Educational videos
  • Yoga classes


Glow apps has different features that will assist you in making your pregnancy period more bearable it provides a scoop of the Day sections that enables you to read all about your exact pregnancy stage.

The app also has a community for mothers and expecting mothers, where they came together and share experiences, and advice. To access the premium features of this app you will have to upgrade, which will cost you $40 for a lifetime subscription.

Ovia Pregnancy

Like every other app listed here. Ovia pregnancy lets you track and be informed on your due date, and trimester you are in. This app focus more on your own health as and expecting mother.

The app allows you to read about the number of topics concerning your pregnancy, nutrition, and things you can still enjoy during pregnancy.

Features Of Ovia Pregnancy

  • Weight tracker
  • Prenatal vitamin
  • Health log

Pregnancy is a very difficult emotional journey, using these apps will help you on top of everything.

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