Best Investment Apps For 2020 – 5 Top Investment Apps for 2020

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Due to the rapid increase in brokerage and new companies offering investment apps, the options are numerous. Plus, choosing the best investment apps can be overwhelming with the long list of investment apps in the market.

There are a lot of apps for every category of investors either you are a stock trader or an angel investor; there are apps suitable for you.

For a starter with a lot of fears and doubts, there are investment apps to help starters get familiar and comfortable with investing.

If you want to ensure that, in the race of increasing your; you don’t end up losing it all. And this you can also achieve with an investment app.

This review will also contain the app ratings on app store to see how its doing on the market.

Before we dive into it, let us remind ourselves of what exactly investment apps are?

What Are Investment Apps?

Investment apps are mobile apps that provide a platform for individuals to invest and also track their investments.

Tracking your investments is very important and an investment app that does not offer this feature is not worth it.

While there are investment apps for buying stocks, we also have a good number of investment apps for agricultural investments.

This totally depends on which of them you are more comfortable with. This will be discussed later on in the post.

Best Investment Apps

1. Trove App

Trove is an investment app that allows you to buy US stocks, Chinese and Nigerian stocks right from where you are in Nigeria.

Before investing is US stocks from Nigeria was nearly impossible but thanks to the advancement in technology; this can now be done from the comfort of your bed. This makes Trove one of the best investment apps around.

Trove gives you the flexibility of investing with as little as N1,000 Naira through their app. It features big Nigeria companies and conglomerates like Dangote cement, Jumia and other US brands like Netflix, Microsoft, etc.

Trove gets a rating of 4 of 5 on Google play store and a glance through people’s comments shows that they have a good number of positive reviews.

And it makes sense to note that the few negative is more of people seeing the formalities as being stressful, so Trove app gets a green on this.


  • Allows you to automate your investment by linking to your debit card
  • Offer a flexible capital investment rate
  • It offers both an android app and iOS for apple users
  • A one-time fee of $5 is required to open a US brokerage account
  • A four- step registration process
  • Click here to Download the Android and iOS app

2. Bamboo

investBamboo is an investment platform featuring over 3500 stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange and U.S. stock exchange which you have unrestricted access to as a user.

Users can fund accounts with dollars, naira or their local currency easily to start trading. Bamboo offers a much more transparent charges policy which makes them a suitable platform for newbies

Bamboo is fully launched in Nigeria as one of the best investment apps in the country and hopes to spread out to other African countries too.

Absolutely, with the 2FA verification process offered by invest bamboo; you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

Features Of Bamboo

  • Bamboo gives unrestricted access to over 3000 Nigeria and US stocks
  • Flexibility of funding your account with both Naira and dollars
  • Offers a simple dashboard to track your investments
  • High bank level security with 2 factor authentication verification (2FA) and data encryption
  • Protected by NG & US sec
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS are available for download on their respective play store
  • Uninvested cash left in account accrues 1.45% interest annually.

3. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is more of a savings app than investment app. It helps you get an interest through a savings account.

However, cowrywise also allows you to invest in mutual funds, and also earn by compound interest.

With as little as N100 you can start saving on cowrywise platform.


  • Flexibility in funding your cowrywise account with any Nigeria bank (either manually or automatically from your bank account)
  • Offers different types of savings and investment plans you can choose from.
  • Minimum duration of investment and savings is 3 months
  • Offers Halal savings for Muslims interested in saving with cowrywise
  • You can create as many savings plans as possible
  • Cowrywise dashboard is designed to monitor investments and returns.
  • Allows you to invest in different types of mutual funds
  • The systematic investment program allows you to invest a fixed amount regularly into mutual fund daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Cowrywise does not charge any SMS fee or account maintenance fee.

4. Piggyvest

Piggyvest is a saving and investment platform that allows you to earn an interest while saving. It is one of the best investment apps that offers a better interest rate for your savings.

However, they also offer an investment plan which allows you to invest in companies while earning an interest rate.

Plus, you also have an option to lock funds for a set period of time before you are able to withdraw your funds. And during this period, you earn a 13% interest rate over your funds.

With their target savings feature, you can set a finance target for yourself with a set duration to achieve your targets.

Piggyvest offers different savings and investment options like investify, safelock, flex Naira, and flex dollars.


  • Gives you the flexibility to earn while saving. You earn between 10%-15.5% interest rate over your funds
  • The investment plan allows you to earn nothing less than a 25% interest rate over your capital
  • With the autosave option, you don’t have to login to save money. This is done automatically from your debit card.
  • Offers an option to save towards a financial goal or create a fixed deposit account with the safe lock feature.
  • Piggyvest rewards customers with points with 1 point being equivalent to N10
  • Has a referral programme that allows you to earn by referring friends to piggyvest.

5. Wealth.Ng is another investment platform that allows you to invest in foreign stocks with any currency. Plus allows you to also invest in agriculture and real estate.

Fixed income product is one of the best investments to make as an investor. With the fixed income securities, you receive periodic interest payment every year you hold the assets.

The agricultural investment plans allow you to earn a bigger profit by investing in agriculture. Your funds are invested into farms of your choice and get to track your investments.

Besides, the real estate investment plan is an awesome deal for investors. You don’t need millions to own a real estate stock. With, you can invest as little as N10,000 and enjoy 18% interest per year. has a rating of 3.3 on Google play store with over 137 reviews on the app. While on the App Store, has a rating of 3.8


  • Offers a variety of investment plans (treasury bills, Eurobonds, real estate and agricultural investment)
  • The minimum investment duration is 30days
  • is absolutely free and does not require ang fee
  • Offers a white- glove account feature that allows you to hand-over control to to make decisions for you.
  • Has a wealth TV channel where they educate people on personal finance.

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