Gokada Recruitment | How Gokada Works | Gokada Bike Rider

Gokada Recruitment | How Gokada Works

Gokada Recruitment has to do with opened job opportunities to people who might be interested in being on the Gokada team. Gokada is a brand new innovative community shuttling service that deals with the use of registered Gokada bike riders to convey passengers who are bike shuttling lovers navigate through traffic using the Gokada app … Read more

Gokada App Download | Gokada Nigeria

Gokada App Download

Following the Gokada App Download, individuals can simply request a quick bike taxi service for a safer navigation to get to their wanted destinations, which is simply affordable and time saving within minutes. With the all newly released Gokada App you get to enjoy a seamless experience of bike ride request features which allows you … Read more

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