New Facebook Avatar Setup on iPhone or Android Phone – Facebook Avatar 2020 – Facebook Avatar Maker

New Facebook Avatar Setup – Facebook avatars the newest addition to the social network is here. This newest social network addition allows you make cartoon character which resembles you, which you can customize with a variety of faces, hairstyles and outfits.

These avatars can be used in your comments, stories, profile picture and in Facebook Messenger chat windows. These avatars, are similar in style to Bitmoji and Apple’s Memoji avatars.

New Facebook Avatar Setup on iPhone or Android Phone

New Facebook Avatar Setup – Facebook Avatar Creator

You can now set up your avatars like everyone is doing using the easy simple steps I will outlining for you. Once you can setup your Facebook avatar, you can use it as a sticker in apps like Snapchat, Twitter, Mail and Instagram.

Now if you are set to get started on creating on your own avatar, on your iPhone ($699 at Apple) or Android phone, let’s roll.

New Facebook Avatar Setup on iPhone or Android Phone – FaceBook Avatar Maker

  • Get started by opening the Facebook app on your device and click on the hamburger menu which is the three stacked lines. Note  it could be in the lower right corner for iPhone and in the upper right corner for Android users.
  • Navigate down, and click on the ‘See More’ option
  • Choose Avatars
  • Next, click on Next and then Get Started.
  • Thereafter, choose your preferred skin tone (you have 27 options to choose from) then click on Next.
  • You will get instructions to choose a hairstyle for your avatar. You have the option of choosing a Short, Medium or Long for a variety of styles. After you have made your selection, click on the Color icon.
  • The next step in completing your avatar setup is to move to your avatar’s Face icon, where you can select the face shape, complexion and face lines for your avatar.
  • Once you have customized that face, click on the Eye icon. Choose an eye shape, color and lash length. Then move on to the Eyebrows icon and choose the brow shape and color. You can also add glasses if you wish.
  • Then it’s time to customize the nose and mouth. Choose your nose shape and thereafter move on to your lips shape. You also have the option of adding a lip color and facial hair.
  • Then choose a body shape. After you do this, you can choose an outfit that you like best. You can also decide to add a hat, scarf or cat ears to your avatar’s outfit.
  • After you are done setting up your avatar, click on the check mark icon in the upper right corner. Then tap on Next and then Done.

There, you’re are done and ready. Whenever you want to use it, you can access the avatar you made by clicking the smiley face icon in the Write a comment section of Facebook.

That’s all you need to do, Facebook will automatically upload your avatar into its system so you can post it anywhere you’d want to leave a comment. You can also send stickers in texts and other apps via the share button.

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