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Facebook Avatar creator – I understand so well that as that Facebook Avatar is a very new feature in fact it the latest  of the Facebook App.  Many must be wondering how to create Facebook avatar or how they can visit the Facebook avatar creator page to create or make use of this new Facebook avatar update.

If you are a regular Snapchat user you will know that there is a great similarity between Facebook Avatar and the Snapchat avatar. Facebook Avatar is presently available on iPhone, Android and iPad. There are some common features on the Facebook Avatar creator like the Facebook Avatar maker and the Facebook meet and greet.

Facebook Avatar Creator App - Make Facebook Avatar - Avatar Maker

The Facebook Avatar has been newly added to the Facebook mobile app features to enable you make some creative avatar. This new Facebook Avatar creator was first launched sometime last month on the 21 April but was not made well known to all users.

Steps To Access Facebook Avatar Creator App

This is actually no Facebook features that has interested users like this before. Because of how people are trying to find out how to access the Facebook avatar creator app. Kindly follow the step which I am about to give below to access the Facebook Avatar creator.

  • Simply Visit the Play store for Android of the iOs App Store for iPhone
  • Next click on my apps and games for android users on Google play store and for iPhone users click on “Today”
  • Then select the Facebook icon and click on Facebook app update.

Note: Make sure you are not using a lower version of the Facebook app as you might not be able to use the new features.

How to Create Facebook Avatar

Now you have been able to successfully update your Facebook app to the latest version, using the Facebook avatar creator is going to be quite easy now. Below is the step to download the app from the paly store if you done have one

  • Launch the Facebook App
  • Click on the 3 bars then click on “see more”
  • Next, you select the Avatar then click next, then click on “Get started”
  • Then you will be provide with the option to set up your avatar

In conclusion to create or make avatar on Facebook is not a rocket science

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